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The Dreaming Never Has To End With Monsta X’s New Full English Album

The Dreaming Never Has To End With Monsta X’s New Full English Album

Powerhouse K-Pop superstars and god-tier vocalists Monsta X have released their second full English album, The Dreaming, and we are shaking. Their new no-skip album—produced through Intertwine (BMG) in collaboration with Starship Entertainment—further asserts their takeover of the U.S. music scene, and we love to see it. The Dreaming is their sophomore English album after All About Luv, which peaked at No. 5 on the Billboard 200, chart making them one of only three K-Pop groups to chart within the top 10. All About Luv was also the first complete English pop album released from Korea. These boys can really do it all! 

the dreaming
Image Source: Courtesy Of Intertwine (BMG)/Starship Entertainment

The Dreaming has distinct retro and sultry vibes that we can’t imagine anyone else singing but them. Each member’s vocals add a unique color to each track that rounds out the album into—easily—one of the best releases this year. The group teased that this album would be their most mature release yet and our expectations were superseded, particularly with the tracks ‘Blame Me’ and ‘Better.’ Christmas truly came early and with a gift better than anything Santa could have whipped up. 

All members have stressed that recording tracks in English was very easy for them, and it shows. Their ease singing in a language that isn’t their native Korean is beyond impressive. In a recent Twitter Space, they even expressed their interest in singing a song entirely in Spanish!

When asked if there would be any artists featuring on The Dreaming, rapper, stunner-vocalist, and maknae I.M replied that Shownu—their leader—is their featured artist. Shownu enlisted in mandatory military service this past July and currently cannot perform with the group though he does sing on this album. We love seeing the boys continue to include him in promotions.

You can watch Monsta X perform their hit single ‘ONE DAY’ from The Dreaming on Good Morning America Monday, December 13th, 2021!

Listen to The Dreaming and purchase it here

Keep reading to get our mini tracklist breakdown of The Dreaming!


Be sure to catch their concert documentary film MONSTA X: THE DREAMING in theatres near you on December 11th, 2021! Several countries will have showings after the 11th, so be sure to check listings near you. If you have the chance, watch the film in 4DX. The chairs move with the songs they perform, along with other cool effects.

iHeartRadio Jingle Ball and MONSTA X: 2022 World Tour 

Oh, we are not done talking about these golden-voiced K-Pop stars yet! They will keep up the pace with performances at four iHeartRadio Jingle Ball concerts before setting off on their headlining MONSTA X: 2022 World Tour which will begin at Radio City Music Hall in New York City and wrap up at the Forum in Los Angeles. So, don’t miss your chance to see their internationally acclaimed stage performances in person!

The Dreaming Tracklist Breakdown


‘ONE DAY’ is their third U.S. Top 40 hit single making them only the second K-Pop group to appear on the chart more than once. Hyungwon’s favorite track starts the album on a mellow note, mourning the loss of a relationship that still burns brightly in their hearts. Yet the song remains light and, dare we say, dreamy.

“I tried to forget you, how your body felt
Your head on my chest, the summer in the hills
I wish you the best with somebody new
But they’ll never love you like I do”

Angsty, heartbreaking, and paired with Monsta X’s gorgeous vocals, we get why Hyungwon loves this song.

‘You Problem’

It is entirely impossible not to dance while listening to this song. A musical throwback to the disco era paired with a 90s inspired music video is everything we’ve ever needed. I.M’s spotlight vocal moment will be living in our head rent-free for the rest of the year. Kihyun and Joohoney‘s falsettos as well as their heavenly harmonies on the chorus, stole the words from our mouth and the breath from our lungs. Minhyuk’s vocal runs and Hyungwon’s velvety tone led us in on the pre-chorus slew and then resurrected us all within the span of a few seconds. All these, paired with clean, sleek choreography, and their hilarious interactions in the music video make this our song of the year.

I’m only here for your love, I don’t need no plan about us
It’s simple, get lost in a romance
And just dance, baby, let’s just dance

This is one of two songs Joohoney said Monbebe should dance to in winter, and we agree. ‘You Problem’ will keep you warm as the cold weather rolls in.

‘Tied To Your Body’

The desperation laced in the lyrics is felt through their passionate vocal performances. Hearing I.M’s low, raspy voice say, “you know that you got me,” is a different kind of addiction that we weren’t expecting to develop while listening to this album. 

“I’m a little more obsessed
I’m a little more attached
You know that you got me
Just a little more tied to your body, baby”

One of the shorter songs on the album and one that you’ll want to hit replay on over and over again.

‘Whispers In The Dark’

Joohoney’s favorite track delivers holy vibes with harmonized echos, angelic synths, and poetic lyrics. This smooth and pop-y dance track—as recommended by Joohoney—is for anyone who fell for someone they knew they shouldn’t have.

“You broke me
Don’t trust nobody when they’re lonely
I swear your kiss is laced with Codeine
I should’ve listened when they told me, yeah”

One of the most fun songs about heartache and regret you will ever hear. Dance through the sad vibes with ‘Whispers In The Dark.’

‘Blame Me’

Remember when we said this album was more mature? The chorus of this song solidifies that for us.

“Can you blame me?
For thinking ’bout, thinking ’bout, thinking ’bout
Thinking ’bout you naked
Look at you, look at you, look at you
Looking like a daydream”

Monbebe, are you okay? After we catch our collective sanity, let’s address their criminally underrated harmonies and these lyrics. We’ll just admit right now that every track on this album slaps. Okay, we need to move on to the next song for everyone’s sake.


I.M’s favorite song and also the sexiest on the album, according to Joohoney. Monsta X has always been smooth, and ‘Secrets’ continues the tradition. It’s catchy, has a great rhythm, and perfectly accents their vocals. We couldn’t ask for more.

“Let’s start from scratch, let’s do this right
Don’t overthink it, don’t overthink it
We’ve both been hurt a thousand times
But this could be different, different, different

If we had to choose, ‘Secrets’ would be a contender for our top track on this album.

‘About Last Night’

If you’ve ever felt like you are tired of doing all the right things and just need to feel alive—even for a night—this is the song for you. Kihyun’s falsetto superpower is no secret, but the notes he hits on this album completely devastate us with their elegance.

“About last night, I was undone
God, it feels right being so wrong
And I realized
All the blurry nights are when I feel alive”

‘About Last Night’ is begging for a remixed version. Steve Aoki previously worked with Monsta X to remix their song ‘Play It Cool,’ so we’ll just patiently wait until he collaborates with them on this one 🤞. Thank you, Steve.

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Monsta X’s first officially labeled “explicit” song, and what can we say except that we love it. There are so many musical moments we’re stuck on with this track, from Joohoney’s honeyed tone as he tells us that he will never get any better to Hyungwon’s second verse, you know which one.

“​It’s hard to change, I’m trying, babe
It hurts ’cause
I know I will never get any bettеr

The vocal teamwork Monsta X consistently delivers shines on this track. We need to see ‘Better’ performed live, please and thank you.

‘Blow Your Mind’

Shownu is the king, and no one can change our mind, he just does not miss. Monsta X’s leader may be serving in the military, but he’s also serving up hit after hit on this album. Also, another one of Joohoney’s favorite tracks (the man has great taste.)

“You got a vibe of your own, it’s so electric
I want your body so close, keep us connected”

Fair warning, this song will get stuck in your head, and you will start singing it without meaning to. We can confirm.

‘The Dreaming’

Have tissues ready for this one. The sweet melody and touching lyrics reach right into your heart and remind you of all the big dreams you’ve ever had. From Minhyuk’s first note, we knew this would be a special track. ‘The Dreaming’ is unlike any song we’ve heard from Monsta X, which only makes us excited to see what else they have in store.

“If touching the sky is why we arе all reaching
Are we missing thе point?
And missing the meaning?”

Minhyuk and Kihyun’s favorite track brings this rollercoaster ride of an album to a fantastic conclusion.

We have one thing to say: Monthly, weekly, nightly, and daily we’re falling for Monsta X. Can you blame us? The Dreaming is on a level all its own, and we can’t wait for the rest of the world to hop on the Monbebe bus after they hear it. Don’t worry, we’ll scoot over, there’s plenty of room. From their music to their first film, Monsta X is officially taking over the world, and we will be the first to say, “All hail the Kings.”

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Monbebe, what is your favorite song from The Dreaming? Tell us in the comments, tweet us @TheHoneyPop, or leave a comment on our Instagram and Facebook.

If you need more Monsta X content, we don’t Blame you 😉. Buzz here!


Featured Image Source: Intertwine (BMG)/Starship Entertainment

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