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12 Festive K-Dramas To Curl Up And Watch This Holiday Season

12 Festive K-Dramas To Curl Up And Watch This Holiday Season

Honey Poppers and K-Drama lovers! We are back again with new recommendations to get your dose of K-Dramas this festive season. There is nothing better than curling up with a hot drink and a good K-Drama to binge after the mayhem of the festivities. There are so many wholesome and cozy K-dramas out there that really suit the holidays it can be hard to choose the right one.

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So, we decided to be your festive helpers and give you a list of 12 K-Dramas that are perfect for watching this holiday season!

Crash Landing On You

Will there ever be a K-Drama list we make without including Crash Landing On You? No, we don’t think so either! It’s been two years since we spent time with this drama. It accompanied us from 2019 into 2020 and is just one of the most romantic K-Dramas we have seen in recent years. So, it is a must for the festive season.

You can watch Crash Landing On You on Netflix.

When The Weather Is Fine

You put Park Minyoung in drama, and we are sure to watch! When The Weather Is Fine gave us all the winter coziness with a tragic yet romantic love story between our queen Park Minyoung and Seo Kang Joon. This drama sure calls for a cozy night in with hot cocoa!

You can watch When The Weather Is Fine on Viki.

Dali And Cocky Prince

It is time to mention one of our newest obsessions from this year. 2021 K-Dramas have not disappointed so far, and Dali And Cocky Prince warmed our hearts right up! Park Gyuyoung and Kim Minjae had chemistry out of this world, and the humor of this show is sure to get you through digesting all of those festive treats!

You can watch Dali And Cocky Prince on Viki.

Extraordinary You

Oh yes, we are true suckers for a high school drama, and when you mix some fantasy into it and we are completely sold! Extraordinary You brought us a tremendous amount of comfort back when it aired during the winter of 2019. We would be lying if we said we didn’t rewatch this twice already. Kim Hyeyoon and SF9’s Rowoon are just too cute together!

You can watch Extraordinary You on Netflix or Viki.

Hometown Cha Cha Cha

Did anyone order some dimples? Dimple couple Shin Minah and Kim Seonho completely delivered one of the best and most wholesome dramas of the year, and we think the holidays are the perfect time to rewatch this healing love story! Are we the only ones who fell in love with the Korean countryside? (Also, who do we pay to live in those dimples?)

You can watch Hometown Cha Cha Cha on Netflix.

Move To Heaven

The tissues should be prepared for this Netflix original drama! The show might not be the happiest or easiest to digest but it still is able to spread some festive cheer by making you appreciate life and what you have. Lee Je-hoon and Tang Joon-sang deserve all the awards for this one that’s our holiday wish!

You can watch Move To Heaven on Netflix.

My Love From Another Star

We are taking it all the way back to 2013 with this one! My Love From Another Star is a K-Drama classic, and that’s not only because Kim Soohyun stole our hearts in this. No. My Love From Another Star offers comedy, romance, and all the drama alongside some supernatural elements! This is a must-watch for the holidays, we think!

You can watch My Love From Another Star on Netflix.

Rich Man

Yes, we are biased a bit here, but can you blame us? EXO‘s Suho did a fantastic job acting alongside Ha Yeonsoo in this office romance drama! Rich Man made us angry, laugh, and cry. That’s exactly what we need during the festive season!

You can watch Rich Man on Viki.

The King’s Affection

Another drama starring SF9’s Rowoon? Yep, this was unintentional, but we can’t deny that this man is dropping hit drama after hit drama! We also felt this list desperately needed a historical drama as those are a classic! The King’s Affection brings us all the romance, some fun gender-bending, and queer rep to lighten up the holidays!

You can watch The King’s Affection on Netflix.

See Also

mija disney+

This list wouldn’t have been complete without Snowdrop, which is bound to be the new big thing! Starring BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo and Jung Haein, we are absolutely shaking with excitement for this one as it has been delayed a couple of times. So now we are extra excited to see it hit our home screens through Disney+ during the festive season!

You can watch Snowdrop on Disney+.

The Legend Of The Blue Sea

Did you miss a Lee Minho drama from this list? Well, now we are delivering! The Legend Of The Blue Sea aired between 2016 – 2017 and stole our hearts during the holidays. Lee Minho and Jun Jihyun teamed up to give us a classic star-crossed lovers romance mixed with Mermaid fantasy galore to get us through the festive season!

You can watch The Legend Of The Blue Sea on Viki.

Yumi’s Cells

Last but not least, is a drama for all of us out there who love romance but like it with a side dish of realism. Yumi’s Cells is set to have a second season airing in the first half of 2022. Obviously, the festive season is the perfect time to catch up with Ahn Bohyun and Kim Goeun and their cute little yet relatable cells!

You can watch Yumi’s Cells on Viki.

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Which drama out of these will you be watching? Are you ready for the festive season? What’s your favorite cozy K-Drama to watch? Let us know by commenting below, tweeting us at @TheHoneyPOP, or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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