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The Bee’s Knees: Artists On The Rise

The Bee’s Knees: Artists On The Rise

Welcome to The Bee’s Knees, your weekly indulgence of all the latest playlist must-haves, hand-picked and ready to enjoy! These up-and-comers are coming at you hard and fast, and you don’t need any distractions. So sit back with your noise-canceling headphones and allow us to add a little sweetness to your playlists!

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‘Sick’ – Chloe Lilac

Starting us off hot is fierce singer/songwriter Chloe Lilac. She’s bringing her all with her new mixtape, when i feel better, which features her new single ‘sick,’ and is an ode to someone who will do anything to get what they want in a relationship, and probably in life as well. It’s such a heartbreaking yet relatable anthem, and we’re going to have it on repeat for all of eternity. Along with the rest of the emotional and dynamic mixtape, which you can stream here!

I wrote ‘sick’ about dating someone who will do anything to get what they want. Whenever I re-listen to it, I think of the phrase ‘hurt people hurt people.’ Being with someone like that can make you as sick as they are

Chloe Lilac on ‘sick’

‘Nobody’ – Renao

As a new artist, your debut single needs to make a ripple effect in the minds of all who hear it, and Renao has left a lasting impression with his debut single ‘Nobody.’ He’s got us bobbing along to the music and singing into a hairbrush like no one’s watching, and we live for the types of song that make us feel carefree and jovial. It’s a must-have on all your playlists, and you can add it here!

‘Keep Me Up All Night’ – Charlotte Sands

This song physically makes our hearts hurt not only because we can relate to every word but also because you can feel Charlotte’s emotions through every note she sings. It’s so emotional it feels like being transported to a dream-like state. It’s passionate, raw, and exceptionally beautiful – just the way we like it! You can stream the single here

‘Whiskey Weather’ – Bri Fletcher

This is the “Christmas song” we weren’t expecting, but we are so glad to have been blessed with such a hauntingly intoxicating track from Bri. It brings all of our emotions bubbling to the surface as we are all about the holly jolly season, but many of us are alone during the season or missing someone, and this song gets right to the heart of that issue. Bri’s voice adds to the emotional experience as her spectacular vocals, and superb acting skills leave us in a heaping pile of tears on the bedroom floor. Don’t worry though, we like it down here, and if you’d like to join us, you can stream the single here!

‘Doesn’t Matter’ – BENEE

We’ve been waiting for new music from this legend for a while now, and ‘Doesn’t Matter’ is the perfect song to satisfy our hunger for new BENEE music! And more importantly, WE GOT A MESMERIZING MUSIC VIDEO TO MATCH! Songs about mental health are more important than ever in the world we live in, and BENEE uses her personal struggles to speak out. We know how difficult that can be, and we admire her even more! You can stream the single here!

Doesn’t Matter’ is about how hard it can be to explain your feelings and emotions to people. Sometimes friends just being there for you is such a help. I’m so excited about this video; it was my first shot at co-directing with Aidee Walker. I came up with the concept, and she helped me bring it to life. I wanted the look of an old French indie film with a twist…and I love how it turned out.

BENNE on ‘Doesn’t Matter’

‘Madison (Orla & Friends)’ – Orla Gartland

We didn’t think ‘Madison’ could get any better, but the inclusion of other exceptional artists and musicians has taken this song to a new level of perfection. It’s such an indulgent track and showcases Orla’s vocal abilities skillfully and delightfully. We will have this on repeat for the rest of our lives, and you can join us by streaming it here!

‘Real Breezy’ – Chromeo

This song is so funky fresh, danceable, and we are kind of obsessed with it! We can’t help but sing along to the catchy lyrics and rhythmic beats. We are also really vibing to the music video, it’s quirky and fun, and we have watched it more times than we can count! You’ve got to add this one to your playlists, and you can do that here!

‘When I’m Alone’ – BAYNK

BAYNK just announced his debut album, and he’s here to submerge your senses in a unique musical experience complete with a playlist generator! On this website, fans are able to learn about the tracks in BAYNK’s own words and hear a preview of the upcoming album. Along with all of that, BAYNK has released a new song titled, ‘When I’m Alone,’ the second track in a double-single release! It’s the exact song you have been missing in your playlists, so go and add it right now!

‘Felt Like Love’ – Carolyn Hunter

We have thoroughly enjoyed getting to dive deeper into the world of Carolyn Hunter! Her new album Lovelight is a synth-pop masterpiece. From the way Carolyn’s lush vocals encapsulate your mind and body to the way the vulnerable lyrics tug on the heartstrings, it’s a full-body experience. ‘Felt Like Love,’ is one of the songs from the album, and it’s the latest to have a music video, but we think that this particular video encapsulates everything this album is about: “…intimate reflections, desires, longings, and the evolving sexuality and energy that accompanies finding your voice.” 10/10 would recommend, so go and stream it here!

See Also

Before We Go (EP)- India Shawn

India recently performed at The Wiltern with Anderson .Paak and 6lack, and they rocked the house! Her EP Before We Go has some serious smash hits on it like the ones she performed with AP and 6lack: ‘Movin On’ and ‘Not Too Deep,’ but her soulful vocals are what stole the show and blew us away! They are seriously out-of-this-world and then add on the outstanding lyrics and masterful beats and rhythms of each song, and we aren’t sure why everyone isn’t already streaming this work of art. If you want to get on the hype train (and we know you do), stream it here!

Unaccompanied Minor (EP) – morgen

Have we ever heard a more relatable song in our lives than ‘Odd One Out?’ The answer is no, no, we haven’t. This song touches every fiber of our being, and it’s our 2022 anthem. ‘Odd One Out’ is not the only relatable part of morgen’s EP Unaccompanied Minor, every song is mind-blowing, and every lyric makes us feel validated for every emotion we’ve had in our lives. But don’t just take our word for it; check it out here!

Nothing Ever Changes (Visual EP) – will hyde

We don’t know about you, but we are IN LOVE with the visual EP/album concept that has been seemingly on the rise the past year! We are capable of living the emotions ourselves with just music and lyrics, but adding a visual aspect to such powerful music adds another level of intensity to it that we seem to crave. will hyde decided to send his visual EP to a whole other galaxy, and you better believe we’ll be crying in the shower to this for the foreseeable future. Join us (in your own shower, obviously, don’t be weird) by streaming the Visual EP here!

There you have it, honey poppers! This week’s hottest on-the-rise artists that we think are the bee’s knees! Don’t forget to stream your favorites and while you’re at it. Tell us in the comments below which artist/song/EP was your favorite! You can also hit us up on FacebookInstagram, or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

Want more new tunes? Buzz over here!

Featured Image Source: Emily Defoor For The Honey Pop

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