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How Charli XCX’s Alone Together Documentary Explores Her Unique Connection With Her Fans

How Charli XCX’s Alone Together Documentary Explores Her Unique Connection With Her Fans

Few artists have as strong of a connection with their fans as Charli XCX does with her Charli’s Angels. As incredible and catchy as her music is, one of the main reasons she’s been able to grow so much over the past few years has been her fanbase’s unconditional support and she’s never afraid to admit it. She’ll be kicking off 2022 with a new documentary, Alone Together, inspired by how the pandemic has affected her and her fans! 

While the movie largely follows the creation of her 2020 album, how i’m feeling now, its main focuses are Charli’s love for her listeners and how being open with them has helped her with her personal struggles. In just over a month of filming herself, Charli managed to record over 5,000 clips that directors Bradley&Pablo stitched together over the course of a year. 

Let’s take a closer look at the documentary and Charli’s relationship with her fans!

Charli Makes Her Concerts A ‘party 4 u’ 

Naturally, as an artist so dedicated to connecting with her audience, Charli has emphasized and celebrated live performances throughout her career. In addition to her own tours, she’s even toured with the likes of Coldplay, Paramore, and Taylor Swift! Charli shares in the documentary trailer: 

It’s a real connection when we’re on stage, and it just feels like we’re in our own special space. 

Charli XCX

Charli brings such a unique energy to her live shows, and if you attend one, you’ll just have to jump and sing along! Her shows stand apart from other concerts thanks to the loving atmosphere and the uniting sense of community.

The World Decides To Be A ‘Sucker’ 

We all know how the story goes: when 2020 rolled around, artists had to stop playing shows, and fans had to give up a piece of their connection with their faves. Everyone’s mental health took a bit of a dip, especially those already dealing with anxiety, depression, or other conditions. Charli shares in the documentary:

It’s just you alone with your issues. I feel so anxious, I feel so anxious. I hear this voice, and it says, “You don’t deserve to be good enough.”

Charli XCX

We love that Charli is committed to being vulnerable and honest with her fans! It’s so comforting to know that we weren’t the only ones struggling during lockdowns. And with live shows no longer being an option, she went for the next best thing to connect with her listeners: making a new album. But as she always does, she added a little Charli twist.

Bring Out ‘Next Level Charli’ 

Thankfully, we’re no longer in ‘1999,’ and physical distance no longer prevents us from connecting with the ones we love. With Zoom video conferences becoming the new norm, Charli jumped right into the action and invited her fans to join calls with her. Connecting with up to a thousand fans at a time, she asked them for advice on the album’s sound, lyrics, and visuals. We love that she included us in the process! Throughout the documentary, you can see how excited fans got when they got to join in.

Alone Together directors Bradley&Pablo share:

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The film solidified what we already knew about Charli: she is a true innovator. She saw an opportunity to experiment and that drives her artistically. Her boldness to create during this time was incredibly inspiring. We hope that audiences walk away seeing the value of human connection, and the importance of community.


We’re obsessed with the fact that Charli loves her fans just as much as we love her. At the end of the album creation process, she made a book commemorating the journey of making how i’m feeling now, donating all of the proceeds to the LA Alliance to help the homeless in Los Angeles, California.

And, of course, now we have a beautiful documentary commemorating the journey as well! You can find Charli XCX: Alone Together in select theaters and on-demand starting on January 28th, 2022. Less than two months later, Charli will be dropping her new album, CRASH, before (finally!) embarking on a tour of North America and Europe.

What are you most excited to see in the Alone Together documentary? Let us know in the comments below, or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!


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