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Need A Break From Holiday Music? Rock Around The Christmas Tree With These 7 New Alt And Rock Songs

Need A Break From Holiday Music? Rock Around The Christmas Tree With These 7 New Alt And Rock Songs

The holidays are the most cheerful time of year, and as much as we love Christmas music, sometimes you need to cleanse your palate with something different. Luckily for us, some of our favorite artists have released jamming new songs this month that will give a different energy to your December! Here are seven rock and alternative songs you need on your radar as the year winds to a close.

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Bryan Adams – ‘Kick Ass’

Bryan Adams gives us yet another energetic banger with ‘Kick Ass,’ a love letter to rock that will have you falling even deeper in love with the genre. The song transports us back to the golden days of classic rock with a modern sense of nostalgia. We can’t wait to see ‘Kick Ass’ join the tracklist of Bryan’s So Happy It Hurts album, due in March! 

’Kick Ass’ begins with a John Cleese introductory sermon which sums up the song, there’s not enough rock and roll in the world… end of! More guitars, more drums, join hands. Let’s rock.

Bryan Adams

jxdn – ‘LIPS’

jxdn just dropped the deluxe edition of his debut album, Tell Me About Tomorrow, with four new songs, and we can’t believe they didn’t make the standard album! One of our favorites is the energetic ‘LIPS,’ a post-breakup anthem that starts with an eerie instrumental mirroring jxdn’s dark headspace. We love that jxdn builds on the pop-punk sound we all love while still putting his own spin on the genre.

The Police – ‘Don’t Stand So Close To Me’ (Christmas Version)

The Police put a festive spin on their 1980 hit ‘Don’t Stand So Close To Me’ with this fun Christmas version! If you still want to get into the holiday spirit but you’re sick of hearing the same handful of Christmas songs on repeat, this music video is a perfect unique option. We love that even decades after listeners first fell in love with the song, The Police are still finding new ways to bring unique visions to their music.

Jennie Harluk – ‘Just Like That’ 

Jennie Harluk describes a passionate crush on ‘Just Like That,’ a ridiculously catchy track that details her devotion to a potential lover. Her vocals sound like a young Gwen Stefani, and we know if she keeps going, she’ll be just as unforgettable as Gwen. We love this song’s confident writing and grungy pop-rock sound.

The song paints a picture of a girl who has her eye on a guy and wants nobody else but him. She fantasizes about how he loves her back, the dates they’ll go on, their future. She has an abundance of confidence in herself that truly leads her to believe this guy is going to fall for her and life will be perfect. It’s flirty, fun, edgy, and sweet all together…we’ve all had that crush at some point we just want really really bad. What’s the furthest you’d go to get them to like you back?

Jennie Harluk

Dylan Dunn – ‘Such A Freak’

For those who grew up relating to Rudolph as he got cast out by the other reindeers, Dylan Dunn’s here to lift you up with ‘Such a Freak!’ The song celebrates individuality with a fresh rock sound you’ll get stuck in your head. He told TREMG earlier this year:  

When writing ‘Such a Freak,’ I felt encouraged to just be myself and let the weirdness take over through my music. When creating the vision for the music video, I closed my eyes and saw an Alice in Wonderland-type setting with a more realistic approach. The hands holding me down represented the weight of societal norms.

Dylan Dunn

Elvis Costello & The Imposters – ‘Paint The Red Rose Blue’

For soft rock fans, this new track by Elvis Costello shows off some of his most interesting, detailed writing to date while still offering an air of mystery. It describes a man who finds solace in a relationship with someone who shares his painful thoughts and experiences. 

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[This song is] the account of someone who has long-courted theatrical darkness, only for its violence and cruelty to become all too real. In its wake, a bereft couple learn to love again, painting a melancholy blue over the red of romance.

Elvis Costello

Kitten – ‘What Year Are We In’

Kitten released their genre-bending Personal Hotspots album earlier this month, and ‘What Year Are We In’ is a groovy standout reminiscent of 80s rock. The group’s sound is a unique fusion of bedroom pop, synth rock, and nostalgic alternative that will steal your heart from the first listen. We just know they’d be a perfect act for festivals once live music can fully return!

What rock releases have you been digging these days? Let us know in the comments below, or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

Featured Image Source: Jennie Harluk by Liberty Jay

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