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QUIZ: Which Christmas Movie Universe Should You Live In?

QUIZ: Which Christmas Movie Universe Should You Live In?

Watching Christmas movies is one of the best parts of the holiday season! There are so many classics to choose from, from old movies to fan-favorites, to cult-classics, to brand-new movies, to cheesy Hallmark and Lifetime films. Many people have memories of the Christmas movies they watched growing up, and they play a special role in the magic of Christmas. Who hasn’t dreamed about jumping into a whole new world where magic is real, or where the holidays are even more grand? We know we’ve envisioned traveling the candy cane forest with Buddy, setting clever booby traps with Kevin, feasting with the Whos, or even sailing the skies with Scott Calvin, AKA Santa Claus, plenty of times!

While you craft your Christmas binge-watch list this year, we’ve created a quiz to find out which universe you’d live in. It’s time to live out those childhood holiday dreams! Grab a snack, whether it’s shaken (not stirred) hot cocoa, syrup spaghetti, or a classic cheese pizza just for you, and see which movie universe you’d thrive in!

There you have it! We hope your real-life holiday season is just as magical as the ones in these Christmas movies!

Which universe did you get? Keep the holiday cheer going with more of our Christmas quizzes and let us know your results on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, or on Facebook and Instagram!

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