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4 Things We Love About SHINee Minho’s ‘Heartbreak’

4 Things We Love About SHINee Minho’s ‘Heartbreak’

Shawols! Flamers! How are we doing K-POP-loving honey poppers? The day has finally come that we are getting Minho‘s first official solo single! Yes, we know ‘I’m Home’ exists but it was part of SM Station, therefore ‘Heartbreak’ feels much more official than ‘I’m Home.’ Minho dropped this banger on December 21st just before his online fan meeting CHOI MINHO FAN PARTY ‘BEST CHOI’s MINHO 2021 and it had fans crying! (It’s us we are fans)

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The song ‘Heartbreak’ is everything we had always hoped for to hear from the SHINee member. Minho + r&b is a match made in heaven. His smooth and deep vocals really suit this genre, so catch us streaming the song until we might finally get a full solo album by the idol (SM please we beg). Until then join us by streaming ‘Heartbreak’ here.

Obviously, we love the single to bits but there are four more things we are absolutely obsessed with ‘Heartbreak’-related, so let’s get into it.

The Music Video

Of course, first off has to be the stunning music video that accompanied ‘Heartbreak’s release. The visuals of this music video are breathtaking and so, so stunning. Minho really outdid himself with the storytelling with this one. Everything is perfect from the sets to the outfits to the cinematography. 10/10 Mister Choi.

The Vocals

Yup, we have written essays on Minho’s vocals before but we want to stress again how amazing and smooth Minho’s vocals are, especially during ‘Heartbreak.’ His deep vocal tone makes this song just even more perfect and fits the r&b genre so, so well. We are so glad to see Minho show us more of his musical identity and something entirely new with his new song.

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The Flaming Hot Teasers

We can’t be the only ones here to have absolutely lost it when each one of the teasers, leading up to ‘Heartbreak’s release, dropped. Minho looked like God himself and those flaming hot teasers just promised us all of the angst and ‘Heartbreak’ we were craving. These teasers had Shawols (and us) dying!

Image Source: SM Entertainment
The Live Performance

If you were one of the lucky ones who got to see Minho’s fan meeting on December 21st, then your eyes have been blessed with the live performance for ‘Heartbreak.’ The choreography fits the song perfectly and Minho just looked too good in that white suit for us not to fan over the entire performance. We need more live performances right n o w.

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In conclusion: all hail Choi Minho! What’s your favorite thing about ‘Heartbreak?’ How much do you want a solo album by the idol? Let us know in the comments below, tweet us @TheHoneyPOP or talk to us on Facebook or Instagram!

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