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Our 4 Favorite Songs Inspired By Biz Markie

Our 4 Favorite Songs Inspired By Biz Markie

The late Biz Markie was a hip-hop icon, balancing more serious topics with light-hearted releases like ‘Pancakes & Syrup.’ His legacy has carried on throughout decades, before his passing in July 2021 and after. And some of our favorite artists have paid homage to his music in their own work! Here are four songs we love that draw from Biz Markie’s discography.

24kGoldn – ‘More Than Friends’

One of Biz Markie’s most iconic songs is the friend-zone anthem ‘Just A Friend,’ and 24kGoldn offers his own take on the track with ‘More Than Friends.’ He spins the original song’s chorus into a modern love song with nods to artists like Drake and Alicia Keys. We love his unique perspective on ‘Just A Friend’ and how he turned it into a contemporary anthem!

Mary J. Blige – ‘You Remind Me’ Feat. Greg Nice

Mary J. Blige’s ‘You Remind Me’ samples Biz Markie’s comedic song ‘Pickin’ Boogers,’ and it’s ironically very stunning! It takes a more serious approach to flip the track into a sleek 90s love song, and we love the creativity it took to go in that direction. Producer Dave Hall told Ebony

I was a big Biz Markie fan and I sampled his song, “Pickin’ Boogers.” I sampled it and chopped it up, and then I put a real pretty song on top of it.

Dave Hall

Beastie Boys – ‘Get It Together’ Feat. Q-Tip

The Beastie Boys and Q-Tip sample Biz Markie’s ‘One Two’ on ‘Get It Together,’ a high-profile collab that shows off their confidence and rap skills. Interestingly, Biz invited Q-Tip to listen to what he was working on when he was recording ‘Just A Friend’ in 1990. What a full-circle moment!

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Austin Mahone – ‘Say You’re Just A Friend’ Feat. Flo Rida

Austin introduced a whole new generation to Biz’s music with ‘Say You’re Just A Friend’ in 2013, flipping the chorus from Biz’s ‘Just A Friend’ into a radio-friendly pop banger. Austin and Flo Rida were a power duo we never knew we needed! Flo even nods to Biz with his verse: “I remember Biz Markie, 1980, nada, maybe 90s.” 

What’s your favorite fresh take on Biz Markie’s music? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! For more hip-hop content, click here. And while you check that out, we’ll be calling our entire contact list to get them to listen to these songs.

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