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Music Rewind 2021: TWICE Prove They’re A Force To Be Reckoned With

Music Rewind 2021: TWICE Prove They’re A Force To Be Reckoned With

To say TWICE had an incredible year is an understatement. In 2021 TWICE have not only released bop after bop, but also achieved so much. ‘The Feels’ and ‘Alcohol-Free’ finding a comfortable home on everyone’s TikTok fyp, us getting OT9, the iconic ‘Scientist’ photo concepts, and the group premiering on Western night shows, was just a couple of things the group were up to. It was kind of hard to keep up with it all, but as renowned ONCE(s) all we can do is try, because we know TWICE and K-Pop as a whole, are taking over the world.

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Gif Souce: Tenor

Taste of Love

Taste of Love was TWICE’s tenth EP, featuring seven tracks. With the standouts being it’s lead track ‘Alcohol-Free,’ and the very catchy ‘Scandal.’ Taste of Love upon debut, landed the girls number six on Billboards Top 200 Albums Chart, which we think is with the help of the lead track. ‘Alcohol-Free’ was kind of a surprise to ONCE’s and non-fans alike, as no one could predict the dance or the beat that would come out of it. The dance for the track also was trending over on TikTok, which is always a good sign. The MV for the track also is currently at 200 Million views!

Perfect World

You know we here at THP love when K-Pop groups do Japanese releases because they never miss, and it’s true especially with Perfect World. The album gave Japanese releases of fan favorites, ‘Better,’ ‘Fanfare,’ and ‘kura kura,’ with the total amount of tracks being 10. It also included a very special and heartfelt track ‘Thank You Family,’ which, when heard it the first time, we balled over. The album debuted number one on Billboard’s Japan Hot Albums Chart, and number two on Oricon Album Charts.

‘The Feels’

You know how we mentioned the dance for ‘Alcohol-Free’ was trending, well ‘The Feels’ choreo took TikTok by storm, as everyone we know was doing the dance for every other video that came across our FYP. People were even doing it as characters they were cosplaying!

Gif Source: Tenor

We can never talk about this track enough. ‘The Feels’ is their first full English track. We think it is really a great starting track for any new K-Pop fans, not only because it is fully in English, but because it is very catchy, making it an instant hit even for non-K-Pop fans. Which is evident with the TikTok trend. And not surprisingly, it was the first time TWICE debuted in Billboard’s Top 100 with the track, and it also climbed up their most popular tracks on Spotify, as it currently sits at 100 million, as well as being the fastest track by the group to reach that achievement!

Formula of Love: O+T=<3

We can’t talk about iconic looks without mentioning Formula of Love’s styling, specifically for the lead single ‘Scientist.’ When the concept photos came out for the track, we were instantly in awe, come on who wouldn’t be? Like, take this look for example

And that was only one of their looks. Speaking of the track, it’s so fun, and addicting that after one listen, it will 100% be stuck in your head. Formula of Love gave us 17, you heard that right, 17 amazing tracks we fell in love with. We believe most, if not all, of those tracks, deserve endless radio play. Each track is so diverse and we even got sub-units, as well all the girls having a hand in creating something in this album. Which is always so cool, proving how talented and well-rounded these girls are. Which we know everyone can agree with as the album peaked at number three on Billboard 200.


Image Source: JYP Entertainment

With their 9th Japanese release, and also their latest release, TWICE hit us with all the Holiday feels, with their EP Doughnut. The EP contains four tracks, the lead track, ‘Doughnut,’ and ‘Wonderful Day,’ as well as the instrumentals for both tracks. Can we please talk about that extended high note from Jihyo around the 2:46-2:54 mark in ‘Doughnut?’ It was an obvious standout for us, along with the track being the length it was. You should definitely check out their Special stage of the track, as it shows off the vocals and it includes OT9. But also don’t forget to stream the MV as it’s currently sitting (rightfully) at 10 million. And it’s something so cute, and playful, that you wouldn’t want to miss. And before we move on, ‘Wonderful Day’ includes everything that makes a perfect Holiday track. Not only does it have the slow piano and windchime opening, but the “na, na, na(s)” in the back are too cute, and make the track what it is.


APAN Music Awards

We think we were all waiting for the premiere of APAN Music Awards, after it’s numerous rescheduling, and for a good reason. But TWICE did end up achieving the “TOP 10 Artists,” which they won alongside other amazing soloists and groups. They also received “Represent Record Of The Year!” It was also the groups first APAN win, and we are 100% they’ll be seeing a lot more awards in the upcoming seasons.

Edaily Culture Awards

The group won the “Best Concert Award” at the Edaily Culture Awards, for their Beyond Live, TWICE: World in One Day. It was their first online concert and it went on with a bang, as it brought ONCEs from over 126 countries! We totally get how they won this award as the girls showed up and showed out, performing with all the charisma, talent, and stage presence we know they have. And if you happen to not know the girls are going on a world wide tour, hopefully you got your tickets!

Golden Disc Awards

The group won “Album Bonsang,” for their 2020 release, More & More. They are actually nominated for 2022 for both Album and Digital Bonsang for Taste Of Love, and ‘Alcohol-Free.’ So hopefully they can add other Bonsangs in the upcoming year. Also speaking of More & More it was actually TWICE’s fastest selling album till Formula of Love beat that record this year. They were also the only girl group alongside BLACKPINK to receive the Album Bonsang award this year, you go girls!

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Making A Wave

And that wasn’t all their accomplishments, they had made their debut U.S appearances on multiple Western night shows, as they promoted their 2021 releases. They also were featured on YouTube channels, such as WIRED, and Glamour, where they showed everyone what a tight knit group they are. From their appearances they blew everyone away, which you can tell by the good reactions they were getting from each appearance. We are really hoping to see more and more of TWICE on our television(s) and hopefully in person, in 2022.

Gif Source: Tenor

What can possibly be next for the mega-group? We also know we only named a few iconic highlights from the group this year. So, whether it was on our list or not, what was your favorite moment from TWICE this year? Let us know in the comments down below, on twitter @thehoneypop, and talk to us on Facebook and Instagram!

Need more TWICE in your life? We’ve got you covered!


Featured Image Source: JYP Entertainment

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