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Music Rewind 2021: ENHYPEN Rookie Superstars

Music Rewind 2021: ENHYPEN Rookie Superstars

In November 2020, the seven-member group Enhypen made their debut and we knew right from the start that these guys would be huge, but still, little did we know. To say that Enhypen killed it all throughout their first year as a group is an understatement. Between genius releases and establishing themselves as rookie superstars, Enhypen had a memorable 2021 to say the least. And we’re here to take a look back at it.

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One of the first things Enhypen did during 2021 was by far one of their most impactful moves. The release of their first comeback and second mini-album, BORDER : CARNIVAL, really established them as a group. Whether it came to concept, visuals, or sound, it seemed like Enhypen had truly matured not only as artists but as a group. Through this release, they showed more than ever a clear identity of who they were and who they wanted to be. For as much as their debut was mind-blowing, this was a whole world apart from it.

The album wasn’t only a milestone because it was Enhypen’s first comeback, but also because it did amazing. Through this release, Enhypen became the tenth Korean boy group to enter the Billboard 200 chart and they also entered with this same release the Billboard Artist 100. No need to explain how huge that is.

‘Drunk-Dazed’ & ‘Fever’

But of course, a big part of this was two songs: ‘Drunk-Dazed’ and ‘FEVER.’ To say that the title track, ‘Drunk-Dazed’ was a step in the right direction is an understatement. The song was mature, unique, and simply pop-perfection, setting Enhypen apart from every other boy group out there. It earned them their first-ever win on a music show, and the song went on to get two more wins.

And when it comes to ‘FEVER‘… Well, it may “only” be a b-side but it took the world by storm. To this day, ‘FEVER’ is Enhypen’s most-streamed song on Spotify with over 100 million streams – making it one of the most-streamed songs by a fourth-gen group. And it makes sense because ‘FEVER’ is such a catchy and excellent song that showed a new side of the group that we didn’t expect just yet. And it was just the best of the best when it comes to music.

Enhypen didn’t hold back one single bit when it comes to this release to the point that it’s hard to believe it was indeed their first-ever comeback. But we’re talking about Enhypen after all.

Japanese Debut

It’s fair to say that this year Enhypen was booked and busy. And while usually, groups debut in Japan at least a year after their debut in South Korea, Enhypen didn’t waste a single second and in 2021 they made the massive step of debuting in Japan. For this debut, they released the Japanese version of their debut song ‘Given-Taken’ as well as ‘Let Me In (20 CUBE)’ which was also in their debut EP. More importantly, Enhypen released their first Japanese original song: ‘Forget Me Not.’ The song was released for the anime RE-MAIN, and its youthful feel was a perfect addition to Enhypen’s discography. Needless to say, this, just as everything these boys do, was a success.

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First Full-Length Album: DIMENSION : DILEMMA

After the massive success and impact that BORDER : CARNIVAL had, needless to say, all eyes were on these seven boys and the expectations were high. And they didn’t let us down. This is the comeback that really showed that Enhypen was here to stay. Because it wasn’t only a comeback but also the release of their first studio album: DIMENSION : DILEMMA.

This album showed so many new sides of them, especially with their much brighter title track: ‘Tamed-Dashed.’ The song was a success as well as it earned them three more wins, and it allowed them to make their US television debut in The Kelly Clarkson Show. It also followed the universe that had begun to establish through their previous releases. ‘Tamed-Dashed’ was just as catchy and good as their previous releases, but it did show a more playful, more lighthearted side of them. And it was a perfect title track to their full album and this new series.

Among the eight songs in DIMENSION : DILEMMA, one song that deserves to be highlighted other than the title track is: ‘blockbuster.’ Not only had it the internet going insane but it also featured Yeonjun from TOMORROW X TOGETHER, making it Enhypen’s first-ever collaboration. In this release, Enhypen went way beyond what was expected and made sure everyone knew who they were.

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First Fan-Meeting: EN-CONNECT

Apart from constantly serving their fans with content through en-logs and en-o’clock, Enhypen also had two fan meetings. Through these meetings, they connected more with their fans and covered many songs. And even though there were two of these, the most important one was clearly the last one, EN-CONNECT : COMPANION, as Enhypen finally met Engenes in person.

As they debuted late last year, Enhypen had never had the chance to have offline performances or events, and this is what made this event so special – for the group and for Engenes. It had many special performances including the performance of ‘Polaroid Love’ which we’ve been impatient for to be released ever since.

It was truly a special moment for the group and a very touching and unforgettable moment for us.

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Rookies of the Year

Enhypen had a huge year, and that has been established by now. These boys have worked non-stop since their debut and it’s no surprise that they’re called one of the rookies of the year. They won the award for Rookies of the Year at several awards shows among them MMAs and the MAMAs. They had endless nominations and prices this year, highlighting even more how big this year has been for them. Only a year after their debut, Enhypen is already at a level that no one could’ve predicted, already setting themselves up as one of the big names in fourth-gen K-Pop.

And the thing is, Enhypen might be rookies on paper but their performances are definitely up there. Indeed, along with incredible music and content, they’ve also been giving us mind-blowing performances. There’s not one aspect where you would see these boys and think they’ve been around for only a year.

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With their achievements, their music, their performances, their talent, their teamwork, Enhypen has more than proven by now that not only they’re the rookies of the year, but they’re already a stable in the fourth generation of K-Pop.

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So what’s next for ENHYPEN?

After three very successful releases, Enhypen isn’t stopping for a single second. They have already announced the repackage of their full album, which will be titled DIMENSION : ANSWER. And not only do we know for sure it’s gonna be amazing and huge, but it’s also probably going to be their biggest comeback to date.

With such a successful year, the amount of hard work and talent they put into their art, we are sure Enhypen is about to become one of the biggest names out there and we can’t wait for it.

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What has been Enhypen’s biggest achievement in 2021 in your eyes? What’s your favorite song of the ones they’ve released this year? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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