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20 Times BTS’ V AKA Kim Taehyung Gave Us Major Style Envy

20 Times BTS’ V AKA Kim Taehyung Gave Us Major Style Envy

BTS are at the top of their game, leading the charge in every industry that they dabble in, from music to fashion! All seven members have very distinct styles, and their looks are always on point. However, today, we’re here to talk about one member in particular: V. At this point, it cannot be denied that Kim Taehyung, aka V of BTS, is one of the most stylish men in the entire world. So, we’re taking a look at 20 times Taehyung owned the fashion game and gave us major style envy.

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In The Soop Season One

BTS’ reality holiday show In The Soop is iconic for a lot of reasons, not least because of Kim Taehyung’s super chic travel look in episode one of the first season. He paired wide-leg pants and classic Ray-Bans with an absolutely gorgeous camel Comme Des Garçons sweater, a staple from his wardrobe he’s been seen wearing countless times. The color is divine on him, and the whole thing is just effortlessly cozy.

MAMA 2016 Performance

Yes, maybe the best part of this outfit is when Taehyung takes it off to reveal his ‘wounds’ as a fallen angel, but there’s no denying that the outfit itself is gorgeous too. The golden blouse and chevron sequinned jacket are beautiful and appropriately decadent for any performance involving ‘Blood Sweat & Tears.’

‘DNA’ At The AMAs

Bandana enthusiasts rise! Bandana-Taehyung and ‘DNA’ hair-Taehyung is a pretty lethal combination, plus we can’t get over how gorgeous, and intricate, this Gucci corduroy statement jacket is.

Louis Vuitton FW 2021 Campaign Video

Image Source: Louis Vuitton

BTS kicked off their Louis Vuitton ambassadorship with a bang, starring in the FW 2021 campaign video, filmed in Seoul. Some of the outfits split opinions between ARMY, but Taehyung’s navy and red suit is pretty universally loved, as it should be!

‘Dionysus’ Dance Practice

Perpetually overdressed for dance practices, V showed up for the rehearsal of the 2019 MMAs version of ‘Dionysus.’ This Burberry two-piece is gorgeous and we love him for it – pajamas never looked so chic.

‘Dionysus’ At The 2019 MMAs

If the rehearsal look was already that good, you know the stage outfit is going to be next level. The embellishments on the jacket and the ruffled shirt are the perfect level of extravagance that this song needs.

Esquire Magazine Shoot

The Winter 20/21 edition of Esquire is one of the best magazine shoots Bangtan have ever done. Taehyung looked especially great with his hair semi-slicked back, and the clothes aren’t too dissimilar from his own wardrobe, which is maybe why he looks so comfortable. The behind-the-scenes of the shoot is great too, and the clothes have such beautiful movement.

2019 MMAs Red Carpet

Image Source: Processed with MOLDIV

Not only is this one of Taehyung’s best red carpet looks, but the same could also be said for every member of Bangtan. Pulled straight from the runway, we love these vampirical F/W 2019 Prada looks, especially V’s cardigan-over-suit look. Let’s be honest, he’s probably the only person in the world who could pull that look off, and do we need to restate just how much he suits red? 

‘DNA’ At Mnet Countdown

Honestly, this list should be filled with ‘DNA’ era looks for Taehyung’s hair alone. Having said that, the Mnet Countdown performance is particularly good – the oversized military-style shirt, navy slim fit pants with white piping down the sides is the perfect amalgamation of Taehyung’s personal style and the ‘DNA’ aesthetic. Plus those Gucci trainers could not be any more 2017.

SBS News And VLive July 2021

Image Source: VLive

Another more casual look from Taehyung, or at least his version of it. Appearing on SBS News, and broadcasting on VLive shortly after, Taehyung wore a knitted shirt from Lanvin and paired it with round-frame glasses and a smiley necklace from We11done. As per usual from Taehyung, this look perfectly combines comfy and casual with chic.

‘Fake Love’ Music Video

Taehyung’s wardrobe during the ‘Fake Love’ era was filled with too many iconic, style envy-worthy outfits to choose from, so we’re keeping it simple and going with this look from the music video. The custom-made harness from BAANDAAL is quintessential ‘Fake Love’ era, as is the emo-inspired styling.

‘ON’ Era Promo

Image Source: Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SiriusXM

Thanks to how extensively BTS promoted ‘ON’ and Map of The Soul: 7 in America, ARMY were gifted with some incredible press looks, all of which serve as perfect Fall/Winter style inspiration. Taehyung’s black wool coat was an especially good moment, that cream collar paired with a turtleneck is just perfect for February in New York, giving us style envy and mood board inspo all at once. 

Vogue Korea And GQ Korea 2022

Image Source: Ahn Joo Young for GQ Korea

Imagine having so much style, that you can wear kneepads on the cover of Vogue. Couldn’t be us! On the January 2022 cover of Vogue Korea, GQ Korea, Vogue Hong Kong, Vogue Singapore, GQ Australia, and probably more, Kim Taehyung is wearing head-to-toe Louis Vuitton, including, yes, kneepads. The photoshoot is one of the very best of their career in terms of fashion outlets, and we love seeing the Louis Vuitton ambassadorship being used to its full potential! Every single look is to-die-for.

‘Singularity’ Stage Outfits

Not only is ‘Singularity’ an elite tier song, but it also had some elite tier looks to boot. Throughout the LOVE YOURSELF: SPEAK YOURSELF World Tour, Taehyung wore a variety of chic looks for the stage, and every single one killed us every time.

‘Butter’ Music Video

Image Source: BigHit Music

Thanks to its record-breaking success, ‘Butter’ is already one of BTS’ most iconic eras, and rightly so. The music video is full of incredible looks, pulling inspiration from every decade. Taehyung’s orange LEMETEQUE suit from the elevator scene and concept shoot is one of the show-stopping moments, and we still haven’t recovered.

‘Dynamite’ Music Video

Before ‘Butter,’ there was ‘Dynamite,’ the song that took BTS’ Western fame to new heights. The song is filled with 70s and 80s references, and of course, the music video matched the vibes, and then some. Taken from Gucci’s Prefall Menswear collection, V looked incredible in this emerald green suit, plus we love the honey blond hair he had this era.

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Los Angeles Noice Sweaters

Image Source: BTS_twt on Twitter

There’s something very romantic about finding a piece that you love and sticking with it, and that’s exactly what Taehyung did in 2021 with his Noice sweater. It’s so nice to see him wearing something more casual and cozy, especially through Fall, and the (at least!) three colorways he has are all super versatile.

2020 MAMAs ‘Dynamite’ Performance

Have we mentioned how good Taehyung looks in red? Well, we’re gonna do it again. Whilst suits with this kind of metallic sheen can be controversial these days, the pink-toned red looks incredible on V, especially styled with no shirt, the Chanel brooch, and those oversized glasses.

‘Boy With Luv’ Music Video

Sorry, but Persona era Taehyung is an icon in his own right. ‘Boy With Luv’ is one of BTS‘ most visually-stunning music videos, and we’ll never get over the color palette. Taehyung’s pink pajamas and blue hair quite literally set the tone for ‘Boy With Luv’ and the following era.

2020 GRAMMYs

You really thought we’d forgotten this one? Both on the red carpet, and during BTS’ joint performance with Lil Nas X, Taehyung made ARMY lose their minds with how good he looked. On the red carpet, it was Bottega Veneta Pre Spring 2020, and on stage, it was Saint Laurent.

We’re pretty sure we’ve made it clear just how much of a style icon Kim Taehyung is, but which looks are you screaming at us for not including? And what is your ultimate Taehyung style envy moment? Let us know over on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP!

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Featured Image Source: Ahn Joo Young for Vogue Korea

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