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QUIZ: Pick Your Favorite Songs From Katy Perry’s PLAY Setlist And We’ll Tell You What Katy Hair Era You Are

QUIZ: Pick Your Favorite Songs From Katy Perry’s PLAY Setlist And We’ll Tell You What Katy Hair Era You Are

No one can put on a live show quite like Katy Perry, and her PLAY residency is the whimsical proof! With 19 incredible songs, including hits like ‘Smile’ and ‘Not the End of the World,’ Katy takes the audience on a colorful, toy-themed journey we can’t get enough of. She pulled out all the stops, between the giant sets that let her act like a doll and the video interludes that keep fans entertained while she switches costumes. Not to mention the adorable doll designs by @hellokittles

As much as it pains us that we’re not ‘Waking Up in Vegas’ to see the show ourselves, we at THP are more than happy to watch our fellow KatyCats and Katy herself have the best time at PLAY. We’ve been living vicariously through update accounts and fan photos of the show! And we know there are lots of fans sitting at home glued to their screens like we are, so why not do something fun as a substitute for an actual ticket?

PLAY sees Katy breaking out some of her best performance outfits to date, and it’s got us thinking about her most iconic past looks. Whether it’s her beach ball-inspired Super Bowl look or one of the dessert-themed outfits she displayed outside the PLAY show, Katy is always looking her best!

But beyond her clothes, she also complements her era themes with different hair colors. The time has come to find out which of her hair eras you are! Check out our quiz below and pick your favorite Katy songs to get your result. No matter which color you get, it’ll be *chef’s kiss* for sure.

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Let’s get into it!

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Which hair color did you get? Are you lucky enough to have PLAY tickets? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! And to get more sweet Katy content, click here

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Featured Image Source: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Katy Perry

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