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6 Things That We Love About Omega X’s ‘Love Me Like’

6 Things That We Love About Omega X’s ‘Love Me Like’

Wow, one of our favorite rookies is back yet again?! Does Omega X know the concept of resting? We don’t think they do, to be honest, but we aren’t complaining. For X we just got another banger from the boys to start 2022 the right way, and that along with a new mini-album at that!

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Since there are so many things we love about this comeback we decided to share six things with you that we love the most about Love Me Like.

‘Love Me Like’

First, we have to obviously spread some love for the title song! ‘Love Me Like’ sounds like nothing we have heard from Omega X before but yet it sounds so much like Omega X. That’s how you build a recognizable sound we think! Catch us replaying this for the rest of the year! You snapped boys!

Image Source: Spire Entertainment
The Concept

‘Love Me Like’ shows us a new side to Omega X we haven’t seen before. From the teasers, we had an idea already that this concept would be much more mature and alluring and we were right. The boys look so good!

Image Source: Spire Entertainment
The Music Video

Were we the only ones blown away by the music video? Have the boys ever looked better? Was their choreo ever-sharper? We think not! ‘Love Me Like’ might as well be our new favorite Omega X music video. These boys never miss and they look so good doing it.

The Raps

True to Omega X’s standard the rap parts in ‘Love Me Like’ blew us away! The boys did not have to snap this hard during the verses, throwing bars left and right. We are obsessed!

The Vocals

Of Course, we can’t forget to mention the work of our wonderful vocalists as well. Omega X can rap and dance and perform like there is no tomorrow. But their vocals? Non to forget about either. The vocals parts during ‘Love Me Like’ have us asking for more. That bridge? A five-star meal!

The B-Sides

But ‘Love Me Like’ isn’t the only thing we love about this comeback! The mini-album came with so many good b-sides that we are barely able to name our favorite. (‘Liar’ is that song though, have you seen Omega X suddenly becoming a band for this?!). We are so excited about Omega X’s discography growing so big already in such a short amount of time. These boys are working way too hard!

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Well For X how happy are you to have Omega X back with a new album? What do you think about ‘Love Me Like?’ What do you love the most about the song? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @TheHoneyPOP or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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Featured Image Source: Courtesy of Spire Entertainment

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