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HBO Max Presents The Harry Potter 20th Anniversary Reunion!

HBO Max Presents The Harry Potter 20th Anniversary Reunion!

The year just started, and HBO Max decided to kick it off with our favorite wizards! You read that right HBO Max has released a 20th-anniversary reunion special for the movies we all know and love. Every part of this Harry Potter reunion reminded us of the world we grew up reading.

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We Got To See So Many Familiar Faces!

It wouldn’t be a reunion if we didn’t get to see the beautiful faces that brought our favorite characters to life! Almost everyone made their way to the big screen once more to talk about how much the Harry Potter films shaped their lives after that first film 20 years ago.

We were insanely excited to see the Golden Trio together and in person again. The chemistry was still there as if they never left Hogwarts. The feeling of nostalgia we got from watching this reunion was refreshing, and it makes us want to rewatch it all over again.

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The memories poured in as the cast talked about set stories and brought us along on the journey of making the movies. Seeing everyone together again brought us back to that first movie seeing them in the Great Hall. It reminded us of that warm feeling we got from watching it as kids.

They Took Time To Remember The Lost

Over the years, many of the talented actors that brought these characters to life passed away, but they will live in our hearts and on our screens forever. It wouldn’t be a Harry Potter reunion without them, so to honor those actors, they took a portion of the show dedicating it entirely to their beautiful souls. Souls that changed us forever.

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We will never forget the way these beautiful humans brought joy into our homes. It was astonishing to see that even though time has passed, their memories will live forever. Though it was immensely saddening, we found it comforting at the same time.

The Directors Told Their Stories

We all know that the Harry Potter films were cinematic masterpieces. However, until this reunion, we didn’t think about all the work that went into making them. We learned the directors’ experiences with the cast and how they made each film as breathtaking as the ones before.

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Image Source: Nick Wall

Everything about the Harry Potter reunion was designed and crafted so well, and we here at The Honey POP will be talking about it for the rest of our lives. We can’t wait for the 30th or 40th reunion, and we also can’t wait to rewatch our favorites of the films.

Have you had the time to watch the Harry Potter reunion? Who’s face were you most excited to see? Do you have a favorite moment? What’s your favorite Harry Potter film, and why is it your favorite? Be sure to let us know in the comments or on Twitter! You can also let us know on Facebook or Instagram!

Be sure to stream Harry Potter 20th-Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts on HBO Max.

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