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Here are Our Top 10 TV Shows of 2021

Here are Our Top 10 TV Shows of 2021

From Squid Game to You, 2021 has provided us with some great television. In no particular order, we at THP have decided to narrow down our top 10 TV shows of the year, whether it’s brand new releases or new seasons of pre-established TV shows. We’ve covered a bunch of genres, so you’re bound to find something you like on this list!

1. Squid Game

Of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Squid Game. In this show, contestants compete in children’s games for a cash prize with deadly stakes. Squid Game broke records after its release, becoming Netflix’s most-watched series, and with good reason! This South Korean thriller kept us on our toes from start to finish, especially with its shocking ending.

2. Wandavision

Marvel fans were in luck this year, with Disney+ releasing a bunch of Marvel series, including the beloved Wandavision. Taking place three weeks after the events of Avengers: Endgame, the series follows the characters Wanda Maximoff and Vision living a happy suburban life. However, they soon realize that things aren’t what they seem as they move through different decades of television tropes.

3. Loki

The highly anticipated Loki also picks up after the events in Avengers: Endgame, in which Loki previously stole the Tesseract. An alternate version of Loki is brought to the Time Variance Authority (TVA) and we follow him as he travels through time.

4. You

This year we got a new season of the fan-favorite Netflix show, You. In this season, we follow Joe and Love’s new life in the suburbs, as they attempt to raise their newborn son together. In typical You fashion, things get dark and obsessive pretty quickly and unexpected twists and turns are around every corner. 

5. Only Murders In The Building

Only Murders in the Building, a new comedy series released this year on Hulu, follows three strangers obsessed with true crime who find themselves wrapped up in a crime that happened in their apartment building. The trio works together using their true crime knowledge to try and uncover what happened. With a cast including Selena Gomez, Martin Short, and Steven Martin – we were bound to enjoy this show. 

6. iCarly

How could we forget about the iCarly revival? This summer we got to see Carly, Spencer, and Freddie on our screens again, but this time around they were navigating the next chapters in their lives and facing the uncertainties of life in their 20s. We’re not complaining.

7. Midnight Mass

This Halloween season we got another miniseries from the creator of The Haunting of Hill House and The Haunting of Bly Manor on Netflix: Midnight Mass. In Midnight Mass, a priest brings miracles to a small island town but there’s more than meets the eye. If you’re a fan of Mike Flanagan’s past work or enjoy horror, this one’s for you!

8. Shameless

This was our last year hanging out with the Gallagher family, as Shameless concluded its run with an 11th season. If you’re not familiar, Shameless is a comedy/drama set in Chicago. It centers around a dysfunctional family of six siblings with an alcoholic father and an absent mother. The show follows the chaos that ensues in their lives due to their circumstances. Airing on Showtime, this show is an easy one to binge-watch (bonus points for having a great soundtrack) and will definitely be missed. #Gallavich

9. The Walking Dead

Our favorite zombie show also began its final season this year, with more episodes to come throughout 2022. The show follows a group of characters as they fight and struggle for survival during a zombie apocalypse. So far this season, we got introduced to the Commonwealth, a large community with an unclear system that our characters are suspicious of. We can’t wait to see how this story ends! 

10. Maid

This limited series on Netflix had us at the edge of our seats with all of its twists and turns. The drama focuses on single mother, Alex as she fights to build a better future for her daughter and herself after escaping an abusive relationship. Starring Margaret Qualley and Nick Robinson, this show is a lot heavier than the others on this list but is wonderfully made and worth the watch.

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BONUS: Too Hot To Handle

We couldn’t leave out the reality TV fans! Too Hot To Handle was fun, mindless reality TV and sometimes that’s just what we need. The premise of the show is getting a group of singles to remain celibate in order to win a grand prize of $100,000. It’s as ridiculous as it sounds, but you can’t help but click next episode.

Those were our top TV shows of 2021! We hope you enjoyed our picks and check some of these out if you haven’t already. What was your favorite series in 2021? Which series are you looking forward to in 2022? Let us know in the comments below or over on our Facebook or Twitter!

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