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Aurora Grants Us A Touch Of The Divine

Aurora Grants Us A Touch Of The Divine

Aurora’s really been keeping us on our toes recently, dropping song after song after song. In celebration of her upcoming digital experience, A Touch of the Divine, we mere mortals were blessed with the fifth and sixth installments released off her upcoming 15-track The Gods We Can Touch. The Experience, airing exclusively on Moment House for one night only, will be broadcast to North and South America, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and Africa on January 25th, and will see Aurora performing music off The Gods We Can Touch for the first time ever.

Following singles ‘Exist for Love,’ ‘Cure For Me,’ ‘Giving In To The Love‘ and ‘Heathens,’ new releases ‘Everything Matters’ and ‘A Dangerous Thing’ (Tracks 2 and 11) correspond to the Titan Atlas and Goddess Peitho respectively.

A Dive Into Track 2

Aurora describes ‘Everything Matters’ as “a very strange story. A story I would like for people out there to figure out themselves. I contacted a French artist, Pomme, to write the ending for me. And it is beautiful. Sensual. And real. I do often feel like this world is trying to make me focus on all these great miracles. And somehow I feel like it makes me miss out on the small ones. And that is sad. Because the small miracles happen all the time. Sometimes several times a day. And I want to see all of them. Because everything matters.

Of course, the phenomenal lyricist that is Aurora envelops us in love while reminding us of a very important message. “We are an atom and a star; you’re a part of the movement and everything matters” she sings, reassuring us that each and every one of us is individually important; we all matter for some reason or another, even if we can’t quite see it yet. As Atlas is the personification of endurance, the song pushes us to endure through the hard times and cherish the good.

She goes on to mourn “when the beauty is lost in the speed” and all of life’s little miracles go unnoticed, buried in the hassle of modern living. As the song comes to a close, the pacifying voice of French songstress Pomme lulls the listener into a dreamy trance. Whether you understand the French lyrics or not, the soft repeating chant, accompanied by a soothing piano melody, entices the listener to stop and smell the roses. You, us, the clouds, the birds, the sky, the flowers — everything matters.

Exploring Track 11

On ‘A Dangerous Thing,’ she explains: “There’s a lot of beauty in this world. And there’s a lot of ugly. I was surprised to learn how often the ugly is disguised as beauty. How often poison is disguised as wine. And life disguised as death. And when we learn that what we thought was good for us, is in fact bad for us – even then we tend to return to it. Because at least it’s familiar. And all we ever dream about is home. Seductive, yet destructive. A dangerous thing indeed.

By tackling particularly heavy topics like addiction and abusive relationships, Aurora undoubtedly embodies the dangers of the goddess of persuasion and seduction within ‘A Dangerous Thing.’ The soft strumming and low howling of the beginning verse’s acoustics set the listener on edge, serving subconsciously as a warning of hidden danger to come. She explores how we rationalize the comfort we can develop within unhealthy cycles, lamenting that “there’s no end to the fall; you keep on getting better; I keep forgetting.” We don’t know about you, but we found a bit of catharsis within the experience that is this song.

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