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6 SB19 Songs Your Playlist Needs

6 SB19 Songs Your Playlist Needs

You might have noticed, but we have been slowly but surely falling in love with P-POP group SB19—no regrets on our end, by the way. The boys deserve a lot more love than they have gotten on a global scale so far, and we are avid enthusiasts for everyone to become part of A’Tin. We promise you won’t regret it once you join this wonderful and warm family!

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SB19 are in the fourth year of their career and have been dropping amazing songs, an EP, and a studio album so far, resulting in an even more amazing discography. Since we keep finding ourselves just listening to SB19 songs lately, we thought it was the perfect time to share six songs with you that your playlist just needs. Right. Now.


Let’s start this list with a bang! ‘Bazinga’ is the promotional song for SB19’s debut EP Pagsibol, which dropped in July 2021, and what an absolute banger it is! ‘Bazinga’ is also the group’s only English song on this EP and blends reggaeton and hip-hop effortlessly. The lyrics talk about the struggles of up-and-coming artists, especially the criticism they face after their debut. Well, all we can say is this song slaps and should be on your playlist 100%.


About to out ourselves as Pagsibol enthusiasts, but who can blame us? The EP is amazing! Before ‘MAPA’ was part of Pagsibol‘s tracklist, the song was SB19’s fourth digital single which dropped in May 2021. ‘MAPA’ is a beautiful song showcasing all of SB19’s strengths as vocalists. Filo ballads always have a way to worm their way into our hearts.

‘Go Up’

Let’s take it back to 2019 with ‘Go Up,’ which was SB19’s second digital single released in July 2019. The song is the perfect dance track and really has us up and moving with its fantastic beat. SB19 know how to get us motivated on a sad Monday morning or get us hyped up during a dance party by ourselves! They never miss.


It’s time we mention this beautiful and special single. SB19 released ‘Ikako’ during the thick of the current COVID-19 in May 2020 and dedicated the song to frontline workers, which is so important, and we love to see it. The end result of ‘Ikako’ is a beautiful and moving song. We are in love.


We know Christmas has passed, but we still can’t get over this beautiful gift SB19 gave to A’Tin on December 19th. ‘Ligaya’ is a beautiful Christmas single that works all year round (in our opinion, at least watch us blast this in July) and gives you the perfect amount of comfort! 10/10 for that one, boys!

‘Hanggang Sa Huli’

Time to finish off this list with another beautiful ballad by SB19 since no one does ballads like the Philippines does them. ‘Hanggang Sa Huli’ was the sixth release from the group’s first studio album Get In The Zone in 2020, and it is another demonstration of how talented SB19 are. Those vocals? It’s what you hear at the gates to heaven!

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What is your favorite song by SB19? Did your favorite make our list? Let us know down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

Need more songs for your playlist? We gotchu!


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