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7 Songs By Ylona Garcia To Add To Your Playlists Right Now

7 Songs By Ylona Garcia To Add To Your Playlists Right Now


If you haven’t heard of Ylona Garcia, please allow us to introduce you to the next big deal in the music industry. Ylona is an Australian-born Filipino singer who’s got everything we love about artists we stan: she’s insanely talented, she’s funny, and she’s absolutely adorable! And also, she has a new song out called ‘Entertain Me,’ and we’re 100% in love with it!

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’ll spend the rest of the article nerding out about how great Ylona and her music are. And in case you got curious about her music but didn’t know where to start, here are 7 of her songs you need on your playlists right now!

‘Entertain Me’

Kicking off the list, we have her latest release, ‘Entertain Me.’ The song is truly the anthem of independent women who can tell when someone’s not worth their time. There’s something incredibly powerful and refreshing about singing, “I don’t need your petty company/Least I know you’re good for something, you entertain me” as loud as we possibly can. Ylona’s stunning vocals paired with the “you can’t control me, and I want you to know it” energy of the song are a perfect match, just like ‘Entertain Me’ and your playlist.

‘Don’t Go Changing’

‘Don’t Go Changing’ is a slower song released by Ylona last year, and it has an entirely different vibe from ‘Entertain Me.’ This time, we hear her angelic voice speaking lovingly to someone who has to leave for a while. And while she knows they’ll come back, she’ll still miss them and asks them not to change while they’re away. And let’s be real, most of us wish we had someone to sing this song to.

‘All That’

Ylona really said, “I’m gonna make it way too hard to forget me” with this song. ‘All That’ is one of those songs that make you want to dress up, put on sunglasses, and walk around the city as you own it. As you can see, Ylona has quite a history of writing empowering songs for everyone to fall in love with. Everybody should take some time to thank Ylona Garcia for this insane beautiful song. All that **** may be left in 2020, but this song will be in every playlist forever.

‘Not Yo Bae’

Part of her 2016 album My Name is Ylona Garcia, ‘Not Yo Bae’ is one of those songs that prove Ylona has been dropping absolute bops since she was only 14 years old! And the song is exactly what you’d expect based on the name: a song about not being that perfect person someone thought you were and not being able to keep that quiet. Also, the whole album is a huge example of how powerful Ylona has always been. And she’s only gotten better since then.

‘Spilt Milk’

You know that one “I’m better off without them” playlist we know you have? Yeah, this song belongs in it. This song is the perfect response to someone who broke our heart and then came back quite literally crying over spilt milk. But it’s too late now, and we’re over here celebrating. And can we talk about how Ylona ended the song with the sentence “Let’s hope she doesn’t find out?” Just *chef’s kiss.*

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‘Walk in My Timbs’

A little spin on the classic expression “take a walk in someone’s shoes,” ‘Walk in My Timbs’ is the song we’d sing to someone when we want them to understand where we’re coming from at the beginning of a relationship. “Take a walk in my Timbs, you can see where I’ve been. Hopefully you’ll understand why then I got so much love to give.” Come on, you can’t tell us that’s not one of the most incredible lyrics you’ve ever heard.


‘Space’ feels like a clear message to the entertainment industry from Ylona: no amount of craziness in her life will get her to change who she is. We may not be famous like she is, we do know what it feels like to need a little space when everyone else expects something different from us. Great song, lyrics that ring true to all of us, and Ylona’s voice is just a joy to listen to.

So, what do you think of our choices? Will these songs find a place on your playlists as well? Tell us in the comments or tweet us @TheHoneyPop! Or find us on Instagram and Facebook. We’d love to hear your thoughts.


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