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Ready To Stan P1Harmony? Here Are 5 Tracks You Should Start With

Ready To Stan P1Harmony? Here Are 5 Tracks You Should Start With


To help kick off 2022, a group that has quickly risen in our stan list, P1Harmony, released their third EP DISHARMONY: FIND OUT!

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In the six-track EP, the group shows off why people have quickly flacked to P1Harmony. If you give the tracks a listen, you will quickly realize they always have really interesting backtracks and beats, always mixing it up but never going too out of pocket. And then add on top their raps, singing, and talk-singing, and you get a perfect record. We definitely recommend this group, especially if you are a fan of ONF, Stray Kids, and NCT sounds as they have the same drive and vibes.

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Now, if you happen to find yourself realizing you want to get into the group, especially after checking out those six tracks, or maybe even before, you’ve come to the right place. THP has made a list of five P1Harmony tracks we think you should start with and definitely check out.

‘Follow Me’

Starting off the list with one of their newest songs, off of DISHARMONY: FIND OUT, ‘Follow Me’ opens up with what is to be a very addictive backtrack (we told you). This track we can surely see challenging ‘Do It Like This’ for the title track spot, and you will most likely think the same thing when you listen to it. We can imagine an MV for the track to somewhat resemble the character intro for Uma in Descendants 2, specifically ‘What’s My Name.’ This track just screams the boys, and we hope to see more contribution tracks like this from the group.

‘Breakthrough (Full Version)’

‘Breakthrough’ first started off as an intro song for their first EP, DISHARMONY STAND OUT. It was an introduction song to the group’s sound and what to expect from their first project. Fans immediately fell for the intro, and luckily for everyone, we got the full version soon after. This means we weren’t subjected to listening to a minute half version of the track anymore, as we now get it in its entirety of almost three minutes. So give it a listen and tell us how you can also picture it playing during a title sequence. 


You can also find this track in DISHARMONY: STAND OUT. ‘Butterfly’ is slower-paced and quieter than the previous tracks on the list. It, in general, includes a perfect mix and balance between the singing and rapping parts. As it smoothly goes from a low tone of rapping to a higher tone of singing, which we are always big fans of. And we’re not the only ones as ‘Butterfly’ was an instant STAND OUT (lol) to fans.

‘If You Call Me’

Are we big fans of a lot of things? Yes, but we especially love songs with the low-fi instrumental beginning that slowly leads to adding more sounds and then introducing vocals. And it’s incredible and impressive vocals at that! We think ‘If You Call Me’ really helps show their vocals off to listeners as you hear higher and slightly longer vocal runs. If we can get more low-fi sound from P1Harmony in the future, they’ll be unstoppable. 


Now to end the list with a bang, we present you with ‘Siren.’ It is not only their most streamed track on Spotify with 6.5 mills, but it is also sitting at 14 million views on YouTube. Did we also mention that it was their debut track? You would’ve thought they were already a group a couple of years in with this bop. That’s what makes this the perfect introduction to what P1Harmony is capable of and will make you an instant fan. 

And just for a treat for any new fans:

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What do you think about P1Harmony? Which track from our list is your fave? Let us know in the comments down below, on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, and talk to us on Facebook and Instagram!

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