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Changmin’s New EP Devil Is Mesmerizing!

Changmin’s New EP Devil Is Mesmerizing!

K-Pop legend Max Changmin of TVXQ! is back with his new mini-album! Devil is Changmin’s second solo EP, and it follows several solo singles and mini-albums in Korean and Japanese.

Changmin's new EP photoshoot
Image Source: SM Entertainment

Devil features six songs of different styles and genres, as Changmin really explores his musical range. And we at THP are so excited to see one of our first K-Pop biases continue to show off his talents today!

So, let’s gush about how good every song on Changmin’s new EP is! And if you haven’t already, listen to Devil on your favorite music platforms!


Changmin takes us to church with his title track ‘Devil,’ and we’re absolutely here for it! ‘Devil’ is a remake of a 2021 song with the same name, released by Swedish artist and producer Alex Runo. Changmin wrote the Korean lyrics, and they fit the heavy and dark melody so well. And we live for his vocals and the chorus!


We love how the promotional video for ‘Maniac’ makes references to classic horror movies! The production and everyone’s acting were well done, and we can’t stop replaying it. ‘Maniac’ has such an upbeat and playful vibe, which we think brings out the best in Changmin’s vocals.


If you got to watch the SMTOWN LIVE 2022 : SMCU EXPRESS @ KWANGYA concert, you have the right to brag about seeing Changmin perform ‘Fever’ for the first time. We are just blown away by how insane his vocals are, from his low notes to sustained high notes (and his growls, wow). He makes it look so effortless too.


‘Alien’ is the other highlight track for Changmin’s new EP Devil, and he also wrote the lyrics to this song. We love hearing the chill retro vibes in the first half transition to a bangin’ instrumental by the end. ‘Alien’ feels like a relaxing Sunday afternoon and an intense workout all at once.

Concept photo for Changmin's new EP
Image Source: SM Entertainment

‘Dirty Dancing’

Changmin is not one to shy from a sexy concept, and ‘Dirty Dancing’ really does it for us. And we’re getting Latin-inspired instrumentals in this song? Changmin, you spoil us with your diverse range. Our inability to dance well won’t stop us from getting down to ‘Dirty Dancing!’

‘Airplane Mode’

‘Airplane Mode’ is a dreamy song about taking a break and disconnecting from the world for a little while with your partner. While we’d love to go on airplane mode beside Changmin, we’ll have to settle with social distancing in our home while he lives halfway across the globe.

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Changmin's new EP concept photo
Image Source: SM Entertainment

Changmin never fails to amaze us, and his new EP Devil has no skips whatsoever. We’re so in love with each of his songs! He even gets credit for the lyrics in many of his songs, making this mini-album even more special.

What was your favorite song from Changmin’s new EP? Let us know on Twitter! You can also check us out on Instagram and Facebook.

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