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5 Songs By Lauren Spencer-Smith That You Need On All Your Playlists!

5 Songs By Lauren Spencer-Smith That You Need On All Your Playlists!

The first time we ever saw Lauren Spencer-Smith pop into our lives was a Tiktok video of her covering Olivia Rodrigo‘s ‘All I Want.’ Fast forward to now, and she’s still front and center in our brains, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Her music reminds us of some of our favorites; Olivia Rodrigo, Taylor Swift, and Adele come to mind immediately.

If you don’t already obsess over her, we have compiled five songs that will have you playing her on repeat. (Trust us. it’s definitely worth it!) We wanted to paste her entire discography, but we narrowed it down. By the end of this, you’ll have her on almost every playlist you’ve ever made, and you’ll make a new playlist just for her.

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‘Fingers Crossed’

‘Fingers Crossed’ is the newest release by this beautiful Canadian artist and the most recent THP obsession! It’s like a ball of emotions every time we press play. Do you have that one ex that said they loved you then messed it all up? We do, and this is the song for that exact situation.

The song screams early Taylor Swift, and we couldn’t be more in love with it. From start to finish, you can hear all of us here at The Honey POP screaming the lyrics at the top of our lungs. We might’ve broken the replay button with this one. 

Cover Of ‘All I Want’ By Olivia Rodrigo

The first time we knew we truly loved Lauren Spencer-Smith’s voice was with this cover. Her voice is so rich and full of life in this cover that there’s no doubt we want to put it on all of our playlists. You can feel her passion through the words, even though it’s a cover.

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We already can’t get enough of the original, but this cover makes us add ‘All I Want’ to every playlist twice. (Cause two versions of a killer song is always better than one, right?) It’s a surreal experience to hear them back to back, but don’t take our word for it; add them both, and try it for yourself.

‘For Granted’

‘For Granted’ is a song we have trouble putting into words; it’s that good. (Everything she writes is good, but you get the point.) The feeling we know ‘All Too Well’ (pun indeed intended) of being taken for granted in a relationship you put so much work into, rushes through our veins as this song plays.

Lauren knew what she was doing when she decided to release this absolute masterpiece, and we honestly can’t thank her enough. Nothing feels better than listening to this song while sitting in your bedroom in the dark, screaming the lyrics as the rain falls. Yes, we speak from personal experience.

Cover Of ‘Someone You Loved’ By Lewis Capaldi

Every time Lauren covers a song, it feels like it’s her own. She adds such flare and personality into every verse, and it’s one of the reasons we admire her so much. We hear her voice on that first note, and we know we’re hooked.

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This specific cover is absolutely unreal. She embodies the feeling that Lewis Capaldi showcases in this song and continues to amaze us here at The Honey POP, and we will never get over her talent and her love for music. When you already love a song, and then an artist you adore covers it, it’s an indescribable feeling.

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‘Back To Friends’

Have you ever gotten into a relationship and after it ended you wished you could hit the reset button? Well, our girl Lauren wrote a song that puts that experience into words. It may or may not have been one of our top Spotify songs. (It was, it definitely was.)

‘Back to Friends’ is the type of song you sing with your best friends as you’re driving down an empty street late at night. The wind in your hair, the windows down, and the song blaring. No one around but you, your favorite people, and Lauren Spencer-Smith. We think that sounds like a fun time, so make sure to invite us!

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Now that you have some of our favorite songs of Lauren’s, you know what you need to add to all your playlists, and once you do, make sure to come back here and let us know which one is your favorite! You can also tell us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!


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