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ASTRO’s Jinjin And Rocky Debut As A Sub-Unit And We’re Obsessed

ASTRO’s Jinjin And Rocky Debut As A Sub-Unit And We’re Obsessed

In 2020, ASTRO debuted their first sub-unit, Moonbin, and Sanha, and to say it was incredible is an understatement. It was lowkey a cultural reset. This time, ASTRO‘s Jinjin and Rocky debut as a brand new sub-unit, and needless to say, their first mini-album Restore is everything that’s right with the world. What a way to start the year.

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The Title Track: ‘Just Breath’

‘Just Breath’ is unlike any other release out there. First of all, the song is so fun and colorful, and its funky vibes make it simply amazing and unique. Jinjin’s and Rocky’s voices blend so well, and they know exactly how to use it as they created this song about breaking away from routine, forgetting about their worries, and enjoying life. And second of all, the music video. It is full of incredibly humorous moments that really only Jinjin and Rocky could pull off. It’s colorful, fun, and bright – there’s no way this song can’t brighten your day.

The First Mini-Album: Restore

The first b-side on Restore, ‘Lazy,’ actually features Yoojung from Weki Meki! The softness of her voice blends incredibly well with Jinjin’s deeper voice and highlights the best features in both of their voices. Just like the title track, ‘Lazy’ has this carefree vibe to it, and it’s all about breaking away from routine and trying to enjoy life as it is. It has a beautiful message that lets people know it’s okay to let go sometimes. It’s such a happy and comforting song.

‘Lock down’ is the definition of what a bop is – no exaggeration. There’s no word to explain just how good, excellent, and addicting this song is. The love song is tied together by this incredible bass line that you find throughout the song that makes it simply unforgettable. If there’s one song to remember about this release, it’s this one.

While ‘Lazy’ was Jinjin’s song, the last two songs in Restore are Rocky’s songs. However, they’re totally different from each other. ‘Complete me’ is a very ASTRO-like song, to say the least – it’s bright, it’s vibey, it’s amazing. The song has this very original chorus that takes you by surprise, making this song stand out a lot. On the other hand, ‘CPR’ is an incredible, beautiful ballad with 2000’s vibes. The lyrics are absolutely heartbreaking as Rocky sings about falling out of love and longing to love again. And his vocals. This man is simply incredible in everything he does.

Jinjin and Rocky from ASTRO really surprised us with this sub-unit, yet it screams their name in every single way possible. And there’s no one better to make such a unique release like this one. They’ve given us nothing but incredible and unforgettable songs and concepts through their first mini-album. This is the sub-unit of our dreams for sure, and no one should miss out on it.

Was this the sound you expected from ASTRO’s new sub-unit? What is your favorite track in Restore? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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