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5 Reasons Why You Should Stan OMEGA X

5 Reasons Why You Should Stan OMEGA X

OMEGA X is one of the hottest rookies in K-Pop and they just made their spicy comeback with the mini-album, Love Me Like and we had no choice but to stan! OMEGA X is a South Korean boy band formed by Spire Entertainment. All of OMEGA X’s members appeared in survival shows or debuted in previous K-pop groups before debuting in OMEGA X. So let’s take a look at five reasons why you should stan OMEGA X right now!

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1. They Are A Group of Aces

Debuting as OMEGA X, it is a second chance for all the group members. But this also means they have ample experience as idols. Their experience and talents show in their stage performances which have so far involved intricate and powerful choreography. Not to mention their facial expressions and subtle ad-libs during performances show their confidence that many rookies might not have built up yet.

2. They Are Reality Show Kings

Image Source: OMEGA X via V Live

OMEGA X starred in their own reality show before their debut. Loading One More Chan X allowed the group to show off their personalities and grow closer to each other and to their audience thanks to some hilarious situations they were put in. Well, eleven guys living in one house is bound to be chaotic but also fun.

3. Their Style Is … Well See For Yourself

Unlike most rookie groups that may shy away from showing skin in stage outfits, OMEGA X members are bold in their style choices. And we are not complaining.

4. Their Latin-Inspired Music Is Fiery

So far the group has made two comebacks after a fiery debut in Summer last year. With each release OMEGA X has amped up the energy and heat thanks to their Latin-inspired releases. Their debut song titled ‘VAMOS,’ featured Spanish lyrics over a fiesta-ready Latin beat. Their second comeback featured the b-side track ‘BAILA CON OX’ which translates to “dance with OX.” Their latest mini-album features ‘Love Me Like,’ a dance anthem with a Moombahton rhythm.

5. They Are Hard Workers

It’s no secret that being an idol is a hard job, yet OMEGA X members chose to come back a second time around. Not only did they have the pressure of debuting in a competitive industry, but they also had to prove they were worthy of a second chance. And so they did. The guys received several ‘Rookie of the Year’ nominations at South Korean award shows and were named by several media outlets as one of the best debuts of the year including Rolling Stone India.

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So are you ready to start the new year as a FOR X? Be sure to check out OMEGA X’s latest mini-album Love Me Like on your favorite music platform and follow them on socials for regular updates! Be sure to let us know what you think by tweeting us at @TheHoneyPOP or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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