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Stand Atlantic Should Be Dominating Your Playlists and Here’s 6 Songs to Prove It

Stand Atlantic Should Be Dominating Your Playlists and Here’s 6 Songs to Prove It

If you’re looking for the deepest breath of fresh air in authentic pop-punk music happening today, might we suggest Stand Atlantic? They come in loud and proud following in the footsteps of other legendary Australian pop-punk bands like Tonight Alive and The Living End. Since their debut, Stand Atlantic has unleashed a seamless blend of tongue-in-cheek lyricism and sharp hum-worthy guitar licks in their songs — all while incorporating their own touch of modern 808 eccentrics.

Image Source: nikki_haney_ via Instgram

With a ridiculously well-suited new collaboration with Royal and the Serpent, Stand Atlantic are the brightest faces in pop-punk right now and we’re just lucky enough to witness it. And let’s not forget a new album coming May 6th! Here are a few of their songs worth checking out.


There’s one thing to look for in a good pop-punk band: a pointed ability to write visually striking lyrics. They are possessed by one-liners; heavy-hitting imagery that tells the story without your typical narrative songwriting lens. ‘DWYW’ does exactly this. With the exhaustion that comes from living up to high standards, Bonnie lyrically falls to her knees. She gives up all self-authority and allows the subject to cut off both her arms and “do what you want.” It’s definitely one of the best tracks off their second album.

‘molotov [ok]’

‘molotov’ is definitely on the heavier side of Stat’s discography. The band arrived in full battle gear, ready to falsify the claim that they fell down the pop-music trap door after their albeit pop-sounding sophomore album. Bonnie Fraser whips out an edgier side to her voice that fits all too swimmingly with Johnathan Panichi’s manic drumming.

‘Lost My Cool’

Stand Atlantic’s debut album, Skinny Dipping, solidified them as key figures in the angst-ridden music game. ‘Lost My Cool’ is stock full of prideful and screw-you energy lyrics, you can’t help but smile at its bashfulness. It simply gets better after each 15th listen, and by better, we mean more callused and tough. Bonnie is simply masterful at verbalizing her anger with people, herself, and the universe. And the lyrics prove it. 

“‘Cause when you held my hand / Should’ve dug my nails in / Tell me how the absence only made you sore / Your words are full of sh*t, I’ll make you swallow it”

‘Jurassic Park’

In a music video littered with symbolic pink elephants, the band released a song with guitar riffs reminiscent of our beloved emo buddies, State Champs. Sonically the song is euphoric, but lyrically it’s somewhere else entirely. Bonnie sings of overwhelming toxicity present in her life and the exasperation that stems from it. Oh, and tons of dinosaurs.

“Vomiting apologies / Not serving them honestly / Break your fingertips, starting wars / Couldn’t get a grip, you die a little more”

‘Burn In The Afterthought’

If you’re looking for a headbanging classic, you’ve come to the right place. The band often utilizes themes of loneliness and despair within their writing. But when it’s paired with climactic drumming and rippling power chords, you’ve got one iconic pop-punk ballad. Headbang away to the musical ridiculousness that is Stat.

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This song deceives you at first. You’re lured in with soft acoustics and breathy vocals and you think, ‘Okay, I know where this is going.’ Wrong. ‘Push’ is a track off their first EP back in 2017, and it evolves into a (good) nasty, sassy art piece that channels mosh-pit-starting behavior within the listener. Arms-thrashing and all. It’s simply proof of Stand Atlantic’s musical authenticity since the beginning of their career.

Stand Atlantic’s newest song with Royal and the Serpent ‘pity party,’ is an explicit and explosive welcome to what we’ll expect off their upcoming album. F.E.A.R [f*ck everything and run] is out May 6th and we’re simply counting down the days! The band is currently touring America for the next month with Set It Off, As It Is, and No Love for the Middle Child. Get tickets here!

F.E.A.R, the new album from Stand Atlantic out May 6th. Image Source: standatlantic via Twitter

Did we miss any particularly bop-worthy Stand Atlantic songs? Let us know @TheHoneyPop or in the comments!


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