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Three Tracks We Love From BamBam’s New EP B

Three Tracks We Love From BamBam’s New EP B

Worldwide superstar BamBam is keeping us well fed with his new EP, B. Released on January 18th, 2022, BamBam really decided to slay us all before the new year even gets started. With tracks that range from confidence boosters to heartbreak anthems to sweet comforting tunes, there’s a B track for every mood. There’s so much to love about this EP so let’s start with the title track.

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‘Slow Mo’

Watch the official ‘Slow Mo’ music video.

If you love outstanding visuals and beautiful melodies then you’re about to get addicted to ‘Slow Mo.’ Composed, arranged, and co-written by rising R&B star Pink Sweat$, ‘Slow Mo’ captures the bright excitement of being in love. 

“Can you feel me still
My day is completely different
And I can’t stop thinking about you”

How sweet is this Facetime screenshot with Pink Sweat$ that BamBam shared?

BamBam and Pink Sweat$ have apparently been working on putting out a collaboration project for two years! Their persistence is a blessing to our ears.

Be a part of the excitement and try out the ‘Slow Mo’ challenge!

‘Intro (Satellites)’

Every song on B has its own flavor that we enjoy but one song that sets itself apart from the others is ‘Intro (Satellites).’ We will forever be wishing it was longer than one minute and forty seconds. And the lyrics set the perfect tone for his album. We love a confident king. 

“Nowadays I sip tea, I mind my business
All these blessings coming in, don’t come with forgiveness
You try to bring me down but cannot get a witness
Y’all see me do my thing, I’m living your wishes”

BamBam did not come to play. Catch us quoting this song for the rest of the year. 

‘Let me love you’

These days, we all need a shot of happiness whenever we can find one. This track offers up just that. The moments when you’re feeling down or if you just want to start your day with distilled happiness then put on ‘Let me love you’ 

“Even if people don’t know how your heart feel
It’s okay I’m with this song
I’ll comfort you, let me be
Your one and only”

BamBam brings a shining, energetic track as a gift to cheer up listeners and we just have to say thank you. His generous heart for fans—known as IGOT7 or Ahgase—is no secret. He recently dedicated a tweet to them in celebration of GOT7’s eighth anniversary. 

There are three more tracks on B—‘Who Are You (Feat. SEULGI of Red Velvet),’ ‘Subliminal,’ and, ‘Ride or die’—that are just as amazing as the ones we dove into, so be sure to stream those. Read our article dedicated to his astounding duet with power vocalist Seulgi of the K-Pop group Red Velvet!

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BamBam Stays Busy

B is BamBam’s second solo EP after riBBon which came out in June of 2021. The music video for his title track of the same name currently sits at 63 million views. GOT7’s second-youngest member is on fire and we can’t wait to see the global music industry consumed by his talent.

BamBam was also named Global Ambassador for the Golden State Warriors. He is everywhere, doing everything! And we’re ready for whatever he has prepared for us next.

Ahgase, what’s your favorite track from B? Leave a comment below, tweet us @TheHoneyPop, or comment on our Instagram and Facebook

Need more BamBam? Then check out our list of seven unforgettable GOT7 moments! 



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