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‘Oh My God,’ There Is Nothing Like Adele’s 30 Music Videos!

‘Oh My God,’ There Is Nothing Like Adele’s 30 Music Videos!

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Global superstar Adele has just released the music video for one of her most popular songs, ‘Oh My God’ from her latest monumental album, 30, and in true Adele fashion, it has us screaming OH MY GOD!!!!!

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Adele has been on a roll since she’s enjoying the massive success of her latest album, 30. She blessed us with smashing hits, spanning from classic poignant ballads to spirited, vibrant rarities, as well as some thought-provoking, heartfelt and quotable lyrics we can’t stop humming. We were blown away by her stellar live performances – including the special, An Audience With Adele, and her captivating music videos that we can’t stop watching. Simply put, Queen Adele is pampering us, and we love it.

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The new Adele album has already garnered praise for being her most intimate, raw, and honest work to date. It details her quest for self-redemption and healing while exploring various life spheres – from marriage, divorce, struggles with depression and anxiety, eventually leading to the point where she picks up the pieces of her life, rediscovers herself, and moves forward towards happiness.

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To say, it’s an eclectic masterpiece and a symphony of songs that knits together longings, regrets, heartbreaks, and hardships in her heart-stirring, emotional ballads, which have defined her entire career, and her listeners adore them. Adele also expanded her musical and artistic terrains with this album, which really appealed to us. The album brought us to tears as we jammed through it, and the lyrics strummed the strings of our hearts, and we cried even harder.

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While Adele is renowned for her exceptional vocals, her music videos are equally impressive. ‘Oh My God’ is yet another music video in which she mesmerizes her audience with her captivating performance, leaving them in awe. Her music videos are something to behold- they are flawless. Her aesthetic is unique and distinctive from the rest of the crowd – elegant, timeless, beautiful, and immaculate, which is such a treat for your eyes. She is a born storyteller who keeps her audience in awe and delivers nothing short of perfect. Here are some of her stunning music videos from her newest album, 30, as we look back at her monumental success.

‘Oh My God’

“Maybe, baby, I’m just losing my mind/ ‘Cause this is trouble, but it feels right
Teetering on the edge of Heaven and Hell/ Is a battle that I cannot fight”

The music video for ‘Oh My God’ is brimming with symbolism, revealed through an array of visual elements. With dancers, balloons, apples, wooden chairs, a horse, python, multiple Adeles, ballroom gowns, and much more, this video is an artistic masterpiece that you do not want to miss.

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Adele takes charge of the music video under the direction of Sam Brown, taking center stage in a somewhat chaos-filled frantic setting. In classic Adele fashion, she sports bold makeup, winged eyeliner, a slicked-back bun, elegant ball gowns in an empty room decked out in bare wood chairs – all shot monochromatically.

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The video opens as we see an apple over a wooden chair as the camera rapidly pans over to Adele, seated on the chair. A lot is going on in the video, which seems frantic at first but perfectly corresponds to the lyrics. From the power of multiple Adeles singing in harmony, dust sheets, bare walls, to flying balloons, background dancers, and the burning of a wooden chair implying Adele leaving her past behind – the video offers a lot of insight into her mind. From the power of multiple Adeles singing in harmony, dust sheets, bare walls, to flying balloons, background dancers, and the burning of a wooden chair implying Adele leaving her past behind – the video offers a lot of insight into her mind.

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From the power of multiple Adeles singing in harmony, dust sheets, bare walls, to flying balloons, background dancers, and the burning of a wooden chair implying Adele leaving her past behind – the video offers a lot of insight into her mind. When she sings, “I’m a fool, but they all think I’m blind/ I’d rather be a fool than leave myself behind,” you can see her taking control, setting priorities, and letting go of the past.

We applaud this healing anthem wholeheartedly! In the video’s finale, Adele is evocative of the Evil Queen from Snow White, adorned in her red ball gown and diamond jewelry, biting into the apple as her self-confidence radiates.

Image Source: Adele via Columbia Records UK

Since there is still a lot to unpack in the video, we will not give you any more spoilers. We can only say that this is an unforgettable experience, a true delight both for the ears and eyes. The voice, the talent, and the creativity are all there. Watch it below:

‘To Be Loved’

The song opens as she sings in the first verse:

“I built a house for love to grow, I was so young that it was hard to know/ I’m as lost now as I was back then, always make a mess of everything/ It’s about time that I face myself, all I do is bleed into someone else/ Painting walls with all my secret tears, filling rooms with all my hopes and fears.” 

‘To Be Loved’ decodes as a significant progression of the singer, acknowledging her mistakes, taking responsibility for the past, and simultaneously persevering in hope for a better future. In the video, she performs the song while sitting on her couch, singing from her heart candidly. No big show or glitz, no striking visuals, no metaphors – it’s just Adele’s having a heart-to-heart connection with her fans, and most importantly, with herself as she croons to the world.

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To be loved and love at the highest count
Means to lose all the things I can’t live without

It is, however, one of the most beautiful songs we’ve ever heard from Adele, and it perfectly ties the album together as she deposits everything into the past. Adele explores the realm of divorce and finds resilience in a failed relationship. But this song is not about the divorce; instead, it is about her understanding life’s complexities and struggles, taking hold of what is left, and finding the strength to do it all again when the storm passes, despite being afraid.

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‘Easy On Me’

Adele served the first taste of her album, 30, with this poignant, lush piano ballad, ‘Easy on Me.’ Its ethereal, intricate vocals and incredibly moving lyrics imbue an instantly relatable intimacy. Adele explains her point of view throughout the song as she asks her loved ones to be patient with her since she knows it will not be easy. Her voice is full of regret, but it also carries some hope and determination for the future. Anyone who has gone through a difficult breakup can relate to this song as it is like a warm comforter that envelops their loneliness and pain and hides it from the world.

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The music video perfectly captured the essence of the song. After the video opens in monochrome, it bursts into vibrant autumnal hues symbolizing the songstress’ transformation as she leaves the past behind and rebuilds herself from the ashes, putting herself first. This five-and-a-half-minute video shows Adele packing and placing a “Sold” sign in front of her house. One last look, she leaves the house and heads to the car, where she pops a cassette in the music player to play the song. As the singer hits the road, the music sheets flutter in the wind, symbolizing that she has chosen to leave the old bitter memories behind and focus on a brighter future for herself!

Adele’s lyrics are intense explanations of the song, but they also provide a glimpse into her emotional headspace as a person, a singer-songwriter, and a mother. As she sings, “Go easy on me baby/ I was still a child,” it is an emotional plea to her son, asking for his understanding and grace.

Adele has a wicked sense of humor, and she shows it frequently in her interviews, Instagram posts, and behind-the-scenes videos. It’s her quirkiness that makes her funny, making her an audience favorite, and we enjoy her goofy side. Still not convinced? Watch the video to see for yourself.

We can’t get over Adele’s 30, and it looks like it won’t happen for a long time now. You can join us and stream 30 from here. Which song made you cry the most? Tell us in the comments and over on TwitterFacebook, or Instagram! 

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