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5 Conan Gray Songs As Journaling Prompts

5 Conan Gray Songs As Journaling Prompts

Conan Gray Jigsaw Cover Art

New Years are for resolutions — or so they say. We know how hard it can be to have the pressure of those resolutions hanging over you throughout the year and the disappointment of not meeting them at the end. But here at THP, we believe in self-care! And what’s better self-care than blasting Conan Gray and pouring our hearts out to our diaries?

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Image Source: Original Artwork By Conan Gray

In fact, Conan’s visceral new single ‘Jigsaw’ emerged from a diary entry.

I wrote ‘Jigsaw’ originally as a bit of a diary entry rant for myself. I’d spent my entire life contorting myself and changing everything I used to be in order to make everybody happy. I thought maybe if I dress a certain way, act a certain way, do my hair the way you’ll like, then maybe you’ll finally love me. By the end of it all it I ended up looking in the mirror and barely recognizing my rearranged and twisted reflection. I hope that ‘Jigsaw’ is a bit of a warning to people. In the end, that person won’t love you, just the version of you that you made for them. Instead choose to become somebody that you love.”

Conan Gray

Grab your pens and your prettiest notebook, it’s time to do some soul-searching!

1. ‘Jigsaw’

Prompt: What was a time when you changed parts of yourself to fit into a certain image or for another person? What did you learn about yourself? And what are the five things you love most about yourself that you would never change?

The beginning of ‘Jigsaw’ is soft: “If changing my clothes / Would make you like me more / If changing my hair / Would make you care / Then I’d grab the kitchen scissors / And cut myself to slivers / For you.” We can all learn from times in our past when we wanted so badly to fit in at school or get the attention of someone we loved. It’s okay to reflect on it and grow!

By the end, backed by emotional guitar solos and Conan’s signature vocals, he comes to the realization– “Killing parts of myself to fit you / Clear as sh*t I was not the issue / And if I made you like me / Would I even like myself? / Pointing out my flaws doesn’t help.” Never dull yourself for anyone or anything!

2. ‘Heather’

Prompt: What’s a date that you’ll always remember (á la the third of December), and why? How did that date impact you? What sensory details come to mind when you think about that day?

Starting with “I still remember the third of December, me in your sweater / You said it looked better on me than it did you,” the story of the infamous ‘Heather‘ begins. What makes this song so captivating, aside from the mesmerizing vocals and music, is the detailed and enthralling storytelling, something Conan is so good at. We all have stories and important moments that stick with us throughout our lives, down to the very finest detail. Remembering them and immortalizing them through words or art is a great way to capture them or release them.

Alternately, write a story, poem, or song from the point of view of Heather!

3. ‘People Watching’

This song is all about loneliness: “I cut people out like tags on my clothing / I end up all alone but I still keep hoping / I wanna feel all that love and emotion/ Be that attached to the person I’m holding / Someday, I’ll be fallin’ without caution / But for now, I’m only people watching.” But it’s also about hopefulness, too, and that’s the kind of energy we need in the new year!

So, get ready to lead with intention and build inner peace in hopes of attracting all the good things!

Ways to manifest: make an appreciation list, try the 5×55 method, keep track of your dreams, and conceptualize your goals!

4. ‘The Story’

Prompt: Describe your childhood bedroom or a space that was special to you. Write about any details you can remember– colors, smells, toys, decorations. Include the friends who visited, the phases you went through, or just one snapshot that sticks out.

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As one of Conan’s most emotional and personal songs, ‘The Story‘ feels nostalgic from the very first lines: “Let me tell you a story / About a boy and a girl / It’s kinda short, kinda boring / But the end is a whirl.” Listening to this song, even though it’s bittersweet, makes us reminisce on our own childhoods and coming-of-age stories. And one of the most important things in the journey is our bedrooms — the space that is uniquely ours and sees us through every 3 am sad playlist night.

5. ‘Telepath’

You know when you just have that feeling? When you can sense that something is off, or you know someone so well, you feel like you can predict their every move. That basically sums up the upbeat, glimmering ‘Telepath.’

So, to close our journaling sesh, ‘Telepath’ leads us to a simple and fun prompt: if you could have any superpower, what would it be? Why? What would you do with it first?

Image Source: Brian Ziff

As Conan’s first single of 2022, ‘Jigsaw’ sets the tone for his forthcoming second album! Plus, you can catch Conan on tour this year on The Conan Gray World Tour, starting in Dallas, Texas on March 1st. You can check tour dates and grab tickets here!

What song of Conan’s inspires you creatively? What’s your fave ‘Jigsaw’ lyric? Come chat with us on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, or on Facebook and Instagram!

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