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Sabrina Claudio Unveils New Single We Are Vowing To ‘Put On Repeat’

Sabrina Claudio Unveils New Single We Are Vowing To ‘Put On Repeat’

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Sabrina Claudio mounted a splashing comeback to the music scene and ushered in the new year in a sultry fashion. The Puerto Rican/Cuban singer-songwriter unveiled her latest sultry, lush single, ‘Put On Repeat,’ and that’s what we’re planning to do. The song follows Sabrina Claudio’s eight-song long holiday album Christmas Blues, released in 2020, featuring A-list superstars, The Weeknd and Alicia Keys. You can bet on the fact that this infectious track will be on repeat all weekend long.

Image Source: Sabrina Claudio via Atlantic Records

Since starting as a D.I.Y. bedroom singer-songwriter, Sabrina has blossomed into a performer of international repute who is impressively poised, savvy, and has a charismatic femme aura. She is a prolific R&B-influenced singer and songwriter who favors achingly romantic, emotional, and tender ballads. However, this time, she stepped into a new persona and turned into a charmer, taking it to new heights as she embraced her femininity and artistry. Having dressed as a sizzling golden goddess, she whirls around singing angelic harmonies with her charisma shining, as she creates a sensual ambiance that feels alluring and intoxicating.

If he could, he would have this for life, mmm, regularly
It only gets better each time, yeah, yeah, yeah
And he likes to compare me to wine, over and over, he tastes me
Only gets better with time, yeah!

The song has already hooked us, and you shouldn’t wait either. Click here to listen.

Image Source: Sabrina Claudio via Atlantic Records/ Cassandra Borges

Sabrina’s new single has inspired us to compile a list of our favorite music videos by her that we can’t help watching over and over! We are bound to put these on repeat, day and night! (See what we did there?)

So without further ado, let’s get started!

‘Put On Repeat’

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This visually breathtaking, ingenious music video embodies the overall mood of the single perfectly. Sabrina Claudio is known for her raving vocals that can put you in a trance in no time. With its intoxicating combination of dreamlike, surreal visuals and lush vocals, the song evokes a sultry and passionate vibe that hypnotizes you from the first second. The enchanting melody sweeps Sabrina to its center as she glides eloquently and croons over the soaring harmonies, exhibiting her effortless movements. In the singer’s words,

An obvious touch of sultriness that is risk taking and daring. The visual to ‘Put On Repeat’ personifies evolution.

Sabrina Claudio for ‘Put On Repeat’ music video

‘Warm December’

Featured on Christmas Blues (2020), ‘Warm December’ perfectly encapsulates the spirit, tone, and ambiance of the entire holiday-themed album. However, her music video is more in line with her R&B sound, with a more passionate, dark, and seductive tone that mesmerizes you and quickly transports you to Sabrina Claudio’s magical world! This music video is a visual feast for your eyes, watching her strut in gorgeous ensembles as we enjoy her hypnotic vocals that instantly captivate the audience. Her sultry look was accentuated by a jewel-embellished shimmery black bodycon see-through dress, reminiscing old Hollywood glamour and setting the holiday season on fire.

Watch below:


“All these rumors spreading around
And I kinda like the way they sound,
All these rumors ’bout you and me
How can we make this a reality?”

‘Rumors’ feat. ZAYN is one of those collaborations we didn’t realize we needed until we heard it, and then we couldn’t stop listening to it. As regular readers of THP, you’re aware of our obsession with ZAYN and his music. His warm, velvety vocals are addictive and we cannot get enough every time he sings. Each artist brought their best to the table and created a stunning work of art you will not forget easily. The music video has a striking aesthetic appeal that is equally infectious and fitting to the song’s lyrics. It’s a more casual video, with Sabrina just doing what she does, donning a hot pink suit while flaunting her vocal prowess, and as usual, looking stunning. It’s the beautiful aesthetics of the video and the sensuality of the music that will take your breath away, and you will want to play the song over and over again.

‘Holding The Gun’

“I’ll make excuses, and I’ll keep all your secrets
I will take your bullets, even if it were you holding the gun

‘Holding the Gun’ celebrates unconditional love, commitment, and devotion that lasts forever- the kind of love we all desire to experience in our lives. The video opens with this quote from Friedrich Nietzsche, which encapsulates the concept of the video pretty well.

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Only The Poets fisheye lens photo by Rory Barnes

“There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness.”

Friedrich Nietzsche

Immediately, we are drawn in by the song’s seductive R&B sound, which spins around the strength of loyalty that endures despite all odds. Sabrina croons sensuously over the melody, and the video shows the songstress driving through sand-dunes with her onscreen lover. In this dramatically cinematic vignette, a Bonnie and Clyde-type romance ensues after the duo robs a store, embraces each other in dance, and disappears into the sunset. Symbolically, the blood on her face and crime insinuation represent the extent to which one would go for love. Oh, how love is a funny thing that comes in many forms, isn’t it?

‘Put On Repeat’ hasn’t left our minds, and it looks like it won’t happen for a long time. What do you think of the song? Where do you hope Sabrina will take you next? Tell us in the comments and over on TwitterFacebook, or Instagram!

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