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5 Of Our Favorite Lyrics On AURORA’s The Gods We Can Touch

5 Of Our Favorite Lyrics On AURORA’s The Gods We Can Touch

AURORA is back with her ethereal new album, The Gods We Can Touch! The project explores mortality, romance, hope, and societal expectations with an effortless elegance that we can’t get enough of, along with some inspiration from Greek mythology. And other than the stunning production and gorgeous vocals, one of the most impressive parts of the album is AURORA’s rich, detailed lyrics, which will transport you right into the stories she tells on each track. Need proof of that? We got you!

Here are five of our favorite lyrics on The Gods We Can Touch, which were nearly impossible to choose. If these lines captivate you, you really need to check out the full album! We promise you’ll fall in love with it. 

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“A love machine, a cinematic dream / So pure and it hurts when the beauty is lost in the speed…”

This lyric on ‘Everything Matters’ shows off how important it is to appreciate the little “pure” things in life before they pass by and disappear. The song celebrates small moments like driving with a loved one and watching a storm develop in the sky, describing both scenarios with a delicate beauty that really drives the point home.

“I want to live my life, be all of its pages / And underline that I am not an angel…”

‘Giving In To The Love’ explains AURORA’s resentment for society’s expectations for women, especially those in the spotlight. She emphasizes that she’s not perfect and celebrates that fact since it allows her to be herself rather than trying to pander to what others want from her.

“Maybe I’ll believe that you never meant for love to hurt for me…”

This part of ‘You Keep Me Crawling’ is such a raw description of an unhealthy relationship, letting you feel AURORA’s pain and disbelief in just one line. The hopeful air of the lyric is also just as heartbreaking, seeing her wonder whether she could have a future with this person no matter how much they hurt her. 

“I know I cannot heal the hurt, but I will hold you here forever if I can…”

Going from a sad romantic lyric to a happier one! We love the support AURORA offers to a loved one in this line from ‘Exist for Love,’ while also acknowledging that love isn’t an easy fix for life’s problems or the trauma this person may have experienced. 

“Something about you is soft like an angel / And something inside you is violence and danger…”

AURORA kicks off ‘A Dangerous Thing’ with a bang with this intriguing couplet! We love the contrast between “soft like an angel” and “violence and danger,” showcasing how back-and-forth and confusing the person she’s describing can be.

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What are your favorite lyrics from The Gods We Can Touch? Which song have you had on repeat since it came out? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! And for more new releases you need in your rotation, click here

Us dancing to this album like…

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