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7 Reasons Why WayV’s Lucas Gives Us Happiness

7 Reasons Why WayV’s Lucas Gives Us Happiness

Ever since Lucas walked into our lives, he has done his best to give us happiness with his beautiful heart. And let’s be honest, he is very successful at it! He isn’t only so freaking talented but is also one of the kindest people we have ever witnessed. So, excuse our full-simping mode, but we can’t help it. Everything about him leaves us wrapped around his finger even more. So, let us list why our precious Xuxi makes us so happy.

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His Healing Smile
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Lucas has that kind of smile that makes you smile too, without needing a reason. According to recent research, Lucas’s smile can warm the coldest nights and light up the darkest times. Source? The Honey POP, duh. We hope his bright smile never fades away from his beautiful face, so we can continue living happily ever after.

A Six Foot Tall Baby

Lucas is the tallest member in WayV and SuperM and the second tallest in NCT, but it doesn’t make him any less sweet. He is never afraid to show his childish side that everyone adores. Once he turns on his “giant baby mood,” there is no turning back. He will be goofing around, making everyone around him join him, and make Lumis swear on their lives to protect this six-foot sunshine. 

His Love For His Fans

If you ever decide to become a fan of WayV’s Lucas, prepare to feel the love coming from him. He always finds different ways to show his affection and appreciation towards his fans. After his stage plans got canceled due to COVID, Lucas kept telling fans how much he missed them and how much he wanted to see them again on every live stream he made. Every time he sees his fans at a concert or an event, he tells them that he loves them with the brightest eyes and a heart sign that makes us sob in joy. 

His Amazing Talent(s)

Our precious Xuxi proved his immerse talents multiple times in NCT, WayV, and SuperM. Whether he is rapping, or showing us his fantastic dance moves, he is literally showing off! Seriously though, is there anyone that doesn’t think, “How can he be good at everything?” while watching Lucas? Because this is all we can think about! 

His Hardwork

His hard work definitely needed a section for itself, and if you are wondering why we would like you to ‘Turn Back Time’ and review the year 2020 from Lucas’ aspect. In 2020, Lucas was a part of three different albums: WayV’s first studio album Turn Back Time, SuperM’s Super One, and of course, NCT 2020’s Resonance Pt. 1. Of course, having such a busy year is not something that everybody can handle, but Lucas did it perfectly, thanks to his hard work!

His Assuring Words

Lucas is always making sure his fans are okay, and he always tries to motivate them by words. As somebody who has given his everything to achieve his dreams, he always tries to make Lumis remember that they can also accomplish whatever they dream about. Actually, even more, he reminds us of the importance of having a dream, and we are grateful for it.

A Happy Virus

While watching Lucas compilations on YouTube, have you ever wondered why people around him keep laughing? Well, we have the answer. It’s because Lucas always spreads a “happy virus” wherever he goes. There is a reason why he is the mood maker in every situation. He can’t help it, he is just that precious. He has that beautiful energy that makes everyone want to smile. Yukhei would just stand there, and we would stare at him with joy in our hearts, and nobody would blame us. 

Image Source: Tumblr

What is your favorite thing about Lucas? What’s your favorite Lucas moment that brings you massive happiness? Let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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