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Pentagon IN:VITE U Into Their Universe With Their New Comeback

Pentagon IN:VITE U Into Their Universe With Their New Comeback

It’s been almost a year since Pentagon’s last comeback with ‘DO or NOT,’ and now they’re finally back with not only a new mini-album but also: Jinho is back!

IN:VITE U is everything we hoped for, everything we wanted, and so much more. This comeback feels fresh, and the absolute proof of Pentagon‘s talent as a group, as artists, as compositors, and writers. We’ve missed their music, but it was worth all the wait in the world. This is not only a no-skip album, but it is simply a perfect release.

And if you haven’t already fallen in love with Pentagon’s music, this is the perfect time to dive into it.

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Image source: CUBE Entertainment

‘Feelin’ Like’

This is a brand new concept for Pentagon, proving once again that they can do it all. ‘Feelin’ Like’ is elegant, sophisticated, and actually already a success. And how couldn’t it be? It’s a groovy dance song with a heavy bass line that makes it so addictive. Not only do the rap verses blend seamlessly with the production of the song and its rhythm, but the song also allows for all vocalists to shine in their own particular way with their individual unique voices. And that bridge was made in heaven. It’s fun, it’s groovy, it’s addictive. You have amazing raps, outstanding vocals – what else could you want?

The music video portrays the song’s vibe perfectly, with its elegant and sophisticated aesthetic. Needless to say, the visuals are outstanding, from the setting to the members themselves. They make several references to the myth of Pygmalion, in the music video, the lyrics, and even the choreography. It is simply a piece of art in every way possible, from sound to aesthetic, and we’re already obsessed.

And yet, ‘Feelin’ Like’ is far from being the only incredible thing about this Pentagon comeback.


The three first b-sides in IN:VITE U have similar vibes with their energy, the groovy sound, and the very present bass. However, they’re totally different songs and each of them is absolutely genius in their own way. Because nothing is ever what it seems.

One Shot‘ has some hints of rock and almost gives off this feeling of recklessness. The way the song builds up and then breaks into an anti-chorus is pretty impressive and makes the song incredibly memorable. ‘Call My Name,’ on the other hand, is a very bold song with a totally different vibe. By sampling ‘No Diggity’ by Blackstreet, they create a more party-like vibe, and the use of that sample is honestly pure genius. And yet, the song has this type of dark and hypnotizing twist to it.

But if we’re going to talk about genius, of course, the first one on our list should be ‘The Game.’ Now, if you didn’t know already that Jinho is back, the intro of this song will for sure make you aware of it. Not only do they open the song with Jinho singing opera, but they include opera throughout the song and even reference Spanish literature. Listening to this song is a whole entire experience in itself. And it makes sense as in the lyrics they compare life – its struggles, its twists, and turns – to a game. The mixture of genres, the production, the different influences: it all creates this incredibly unique and genius song that no one but Pentagon could release.

The last two songs in IN:VITE U are very different from the rest, and yet fit perfectly. ‘Sparkling Night’ is a very bittersweet song, it feels comforting and hopeful but at the same time, it’s nostalgic and almost tragic. It was inspired by the feeling of being on a Ferris wheel – beautiful going up, and difficult to go down and leave. And that’s something that truly translates in the sound of the song as well as its lyrics. They sing about being willing to endure everything just for the person they sing to, to stay. ‘Sparkling Night’ is comforting in its sound and vocals, but it’s also very heartbreaking.

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And talking about heartbreak, ‘BAD’ is the last song in the album and the one that hurts the most. The song works around a chill acoustic guitar with a somewhat upbeat rhythm. The lyrics are about feeling like you hurt the person you love more than bringing them joy. It is a beautiful song, and it concludes this succession of masterpieces that Pentagon released all in one comeback. IN:VITE U is indeed nothing but masterpieces that prove once again their immense talent. We’re indeed only a month into 2022, but Pentagon may just have released the album of the year.

Image source: CUBE Entertainment

What are your thoughts on ‘Feelin’ Like?’ What’s your favorite b-side in IN:VITE U? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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