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5 Of Our Favorite Lyrics From iann dior’s on to better things

5 Of Our Favorite Lyrics From iann dior’s on to better things

Combining pop, rock, and hip-hop elements, iann dior is certainly one of the best new artists of the past few years! And the industry agrees with us – he’s already collabed with artists like Travis BarkerMachine Gun KellyphemLILHUDDY, and 24kGoldn. But he’s now stepping into his own spotlight with his sophomore album, on to better things!

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For 15 tracks, iann tackles subjects like heartbreak and the downsides of fame while seamlessly blending trap beats with guitars and earworm melodies. It delivers some of his best work to date while highlighting his growth as an artist since he debuted in 2019. Between the mature lyrics and ridiculously catchy instrumentals, there’s something for everyone to relate to on this project.

Without further ado, let’s move on to our favorite lyrics from the album!

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“Then the walls started crashing, you can’t be replaced / Or maybe it’s all in my head…”

on to better things opens with the vulnerable ‘is it you,’ which describes an unhealthy relationship coming to an end. iann starts questioning whether the problems were “all in [his] head” and notes how the relationship made him doubt his own thoughts and perception. This lyric shows off how relationships can affect your mindset even after they’re gone, and, as heart-wrenching as it is to know iann went through that, we’re proud of him for using his art to help others experience something similar.

“Like Uzi Vert say, that money stretching longer to the door…”

We love this cheeky reference on ‘V12,’ one of the album’s standout tracks that flexes his success! iann nods to Lil Uzi Vert’s 2016 track ‘Money Longer’ before Uzi hops on ‘V12’ for a guest verse. It’s such a fun celebration of how far they’ve both come and how they have much more up their sleeves for the rest of their career.

“Diamonds in my chain, it’s froze / They won’t fill that space you left me…”

The aptly-named ‘heavy’ describes the aftermath of a breakup while iann looks back on his mistakes and misses his ex. We love these lyrics because they prove money can’t buy happiness (we know it’s cliche, but it’s true!) or erase memories that hurt you. It really paints the picture of someone who seemingly has it all struggling behind closed doors, a topic that also comes up on ‘thought it was.’

“It’s hard to be around someone that never learned to love themself…”

On the Travis Barker-assisted ‘obvious,’ iann gears up to confront someone who hurt him while also learning to accept the past for what it is and move on. It’s a turning point in the album where he starts to get his confidence back post-breakup, and you can’t help but cheer for him while he sticks up for himself. 

“Popstar but I’ll still hit you with the flow switch…”

‘options’ proves iann’s prowess when it comes to multiple genres, and he knows it! This lyric alludes to his pop success with hits like his 24kGoldn collab ‘Mood,’ and it gives us the same vibes as Lil Nas X’s confident “Popstar, but the rappers still respect me” line from his track ‘Holiday.’ We love that he effortlessly blends so many genres and finds success in each one.

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What are your favorite tracks from on to better things? Does a certain lyric particularly resonate with you? Let us know in the comments below, or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

Mood Let You GIF by Iann Dior - Find & Share on GIPHY
Image Source: iann dior on GIPHY

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