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6 Of Our Favorite Songs From The Euphoria Soundtrack

6 Of Our Favorite Songs From The Euphoria Soundtrack

If you’ve been on the internet anytime since 2019, you’ve probably heard all about the HBO Max hit Euphoria! The show follows a group of teenagers who are trying to find their identity while dealing with romantic drama, drug use, and traumatic pasts. The cast features some of our favorite stars, including Zendaya, Hunter Schafer, Sydney Sweeney, and Dominic Fike

Aside from the stellar acting and intriguing storylines, what really makes Euphoria so immersive is its modern soundtrack. It includes some of our all-time favorite songs as well as songs specifically made to suit the show, and we love the balance between the two. Here are some of our favorite tracks that have made it into the Euphoria universe!

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Image Source: Euphoria on GIPHY

Lana Del Rey – ‘Watercolor Eyes’

Lana’s team was in their bag when they got ‘Watercolor Eyes’ on the third episode of season two! It’s a great match for the dramatic emotions on the show, and Lana’s vocals are as beautiful as ever. We love that the imagery of “watercolor eyes” calls back to the show’s colorful makeup looks, contrasting the glittery shadow to the tears they cry when things get tough.

gabriel black & phem – ‘dead yet’

Maddy plays ‘dead yet’ while driving in the first season of Euphoria, and it makes us love her even more! It’s such a fun song about wanting more in life, and it’s the perfect choice for teen characters who are starting to venture into adulthood. We need to hear the rest of her car playlist ASAP, especially if there’s more phem.

BTS – ‘Euphoria’

Possibly the most ambitious crossover event in the century! You already know we at THP love BTS, and it seems like the students at Euphoria High feel the same way. They danced to this track at their school dance in season one and must have had the time of their lives.

Lorde – ‘Liability’

We think everyone cried along when Lorde’s heart-wrenching track ‘Liability’ played during Jules’ special solo episode. It was such a great representation of how Jules was feeling at the moment, and whoever chose this song really deserves a raise.

Billie Eilish – ‘you should see me in a crown’

Kat claims her crown when she starts exploring her style and finding her confidence, so this Billie hit is a suitable anthem for her new outlook. This scene really made us want to strut around the mall listening to Billie’s music!

Labrinth – ‘All For Us’

This list wouldn’t be complete without a standout track from Labrinth, who serves as the show’s composer. Season one ends with a cinematic Zendaya-led scene soundtracked by ‘All For Us,’ and as soon as you hear the song, you’ll understand why it won an Emmy for ‘Outstanding Music & Lyrics!’

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What are your favorite songs that appeared on Euphoria? Who do you hope to hear on the show in the future? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

Excuse us while we call everyone we know to tell them about these songs…

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Image Source: Euphoria on GIPHY

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