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Quiz: Plan A Party And We Tell You Which PENTAGON Song You Are ‘Feelin’ Like’

Quiz: Plan A Party And We Tell You Which PENTAGON Song You Are ‘Feelin’ Like’

Universe! How are you feeling after this amazing comeback PENTAGON dropped? We were some of the lucky ones who had the pleasure to attend PENTAGON’s amazing media showcase to celebrate the release of their twelve mini-album IN:VITE U and title single ‘Feelin’ Like.’

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Let us tell you the boys never looked better than they did on that day! This mini-album felt extra special as it was the first comeback after Jinho’s return from the military! Jinho told us how he felt stiff after not consistently dancing and singing during his military time, and so he practiced extra hard for this comeback. We are grateful to have him back, even Wooseok spread his love for Jinho. One of PTG’s main vocalists is back, baby! The boys were practically shining, looking so confident and classy! Our favorite moment had to be when they were just goofing around with the group photos!

Pentagon 'Feelin' Like'
Image Source: Courtesy of REELS Corporation Inc

See? We didn’t lie! After we were able to snap amazing pictures of the boys, they introduced the album to us and spilled all the juicy details about the album. The new album reflects PENTAGON’s growth after five years since their debut, and so they delivered an album full of diversity. This enunciates the group’s versatility and all-rounder qualities. They can basically pull off any genre. Well, the album bops, that’s for sure. Or, as Yuto put it, is “clexy (classy + sexy).”

The group looked particularly pleased with the outcome of this album, and we, as Universe ourselves were just as hyped as they were about each of the songs they played for us! (Our personal favorite might be ‘One Shot,’ Wooseok and Shinwon really did something there with the guitar riffs and the alternative rock sound)

Image Source: Courtesy of REELS Corporation Inc

The boys also shared some funny moments with us from behind the scenes of the music video, such as Kino filming his solo dance scene for 30 minutes just for the scene to come out for one second in the music video. Now we want to see the full routine, sir, we beg! Or how Yanan had to wear a sleeveless shirt for the entire day in cold weather so that we could see those well-formed arms! Thank you for your service Yanan, we appreciate it.

But then the moment we all waited for was here! ‘Feelin’ Like’ was shown to us first in its music video form and then in an absolutely mesmerizing performance!

Honestly? The boys of PENTAGON looked so good, and the choreo is so freaking sharp! They really are roman sculptures! We are obsessed with ‘Feelin’ Like’s sound! The groove is real! After we recovered from the amazing visuals and musical ecstasy, the boys went on to send us well wishes and greetings before concluding the showcase. Color us dead after that experience!

‘Feelin’ Like’ has to be our favorite PENTAGON comeback to date. Honestly, it could just be better if Hui was there! We miss you, really. Come home! But before we leave you to hit replay on ‘Feelin’ Like’ for the 100th time, join us for a fun little quiz! Let’s plan a party to celebrate the release of IN:VITE U.

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What’s your favorite song from the album? Which song did you get? How much do you love PTG? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @TheHoneyPOP or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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