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27 Memorable NCT 127 Moments

27 Memorable NCT 127 Moments

Since July 7th, 2016, NCT 127 has captured the hearts of fans with appealing songs, striking visuals, and relatable personalities. NCTzens are continuously blessed with various moments from the boys, and we’re so blessed to have them. We can’t thank them enough for the joy they’ve brought to our lives. In honor of 127 Day, let’s reminisce on these various moments together!

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Taeyong, The Fish Surgeon

One of the most wholesome moments NCTzens has ever witnessed. Leader Taeyong has a precious love for fish, and he showcased it in various vlogs. In conclusion, Taeyong is precious.

Johnny’s Communication Center

This iconic segment is one that NCTzens love so much, and we always want to see more of it. It’s given us so many unforgettable moments, and while we can watch these on loop, we need more episodes ASAP!

NCT 127 On SNL Korea

NCT 127 was confirmed as the first idol group to host SNL Korea, and they crushed it. Not only did they show their comedic side, but also showcased their charms.

Neo’s Next Top Model

This hilarious segment was a parody of America’s Next Top Model, and the boys brought out their best poses for it. Jungwoo and Johnny did not disappoint as the judges, and the boys were great participants.


BKLYN BOYS is a fandom favorite that gave us karaoke, beer pong, chef 127, and all-around wholesomeness. This series will be one that you will constantly watch over again. SM, give us a new version, please!

Hit The States

When NCT visited the states for their tour, they gave us various content from the cities they performed in.

Office Final Round

This special feature was a treat to us all during the ‘Punch era, with the boys showcasing their various talents. In addition, we got to witness their creativity and comedic relief in one.

‘Dreams Come True’

This sentimental song was released on 127 Day back in 2020 as a gift to NCTzens. This R&B heavy track with a 90s feel was the perfect gift for all of us, and most importantly, this marked the return of Jungwoo.

Friendship Test

Without any doubt, NCT 127 taking the friendship test goes down as one of the most endearing moments of the members. You get to see the variation in their personalities while they speak about their relationship.

Rookie Of The Year

This unforgettable moment is one that NCTzens will forever cherish. Above all, NCT 127 winning ROTY at MAMA is such a huge accomplishment that they can be so proud of.


Without a doubt, NCT visiting Miami was such a joy because we got the iconic Mark moment of him going around the city singing Will Smith’s song ‘Miami.’

Triple Million Sellers

NCT 127 have accomplished various things throughout their career, and becoming triple million sellers is one of the many. Moreover, this feat is one that NCT 127 will be proud of for years to come.

Yuta At Home

We couldn’t be prouder of Yuta for his show.

A Cup Of Coffee Part. 2

This iconic video gave us comedic relief and our beloved Johnny’s Fashion Evaluation in one.

‘Back 2 U’

Firstly, this impeccably produced R&B track is a fandom favorite, and their performance in Seoul only solidified the impact of this song. Moreover, their immaculate vocals and performance are ranked top on NCTzens list.

Mark’s Flute

When the boys visited MTV, Mark mentioned that he played the flute in school, so they decided to test his skills. In short, just watch this clip.

NCT On The News

NCTzens have a unique sense of humor, and they had a running joke of submitting the members to local TV stations. In conclusion, check out these hilarious segments.

Stick Together

Stick Together, also known as BKLYN BOYS 2.0, is another fandom favorite. Similarly, the members are just enjoying themselves, doing activities like grocery shopping, karaoke, and Jenga.

Amusement Park

While in Japan, the members visited an amusement park and all we can say is poor Mark.

Haunted House

I’ll let the clip speak for itself.


Clearly, the members’ Instagram game is on point. In short, follow them and check out their feeds.



Mafia Game

NCT 127 are known for their fun personalities and this Vlive was nothing short of chaos. From struggling to open drinks to spontaneous singing, this live is a favorite. Furthermore, the mafia game was chaos personified. Let’s re-watch the live from here.

Relay Cam

Since they started the relay cams, we’ve witnessed so many wholesome moments but, nothing could’ve prepared us for the 2021 Relay Cams.


Undoubtedly, A hit. That’s it.

The First Win

Undoubtedly, getting the first win is a dream for any idol, and watching 127 achieve this is still an emotional moment that we will always cherish.

NCT Life

It should be noted that we have received various seasons of NCT Life such as NCT Life in Osaka, which was special as it is Yuta’s hometown. Similarly, we recently experienced NCT Life in Gapyeong which featured all of 127.


Without a doubt, an unforgettable moment for NCT 127 and NCTzens alike. NCT 127 have worked inexhaustibly to get to their current position, and they’re finally able to see the benefits of their hard work. Ultimately, they received a Daesang and fans were overjoyed. This achievement brought tears of joy and strong emotions of happiness throughout the fandom.

Image Source: Tumblr

What is your favorite NCT 127 moment? Do you feel like a proud mama when you look at them, too? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @TheHoneyPop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.


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