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5 Reasons Why You Should Stan ENHYPEN

5 Reasons Why You Should Stan ENHYPEN

Enhypen is a seven-member K-pop group under Belift Labs. Debuting in November 2020 after being formed on the show I-LAND, they are already achieving so much, having released two EP’s, two albums, and a few singles. Ni-ki (16), Jungwon (17), Jay (19), Sunoo (18), Heeseung (20), Jake (19), and Sunghoon (19) have already started making their mark on the world of music and in less than two years, have become one of the largest groups. 

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Image Source: ENHYPEN via Twitter

Here are five reasons why we think you would love them too: 

1. Their Diverse Background And Multilingualism:

ENHYPEN’s backgrounds span from East to West, bringing a variety of cultures and traditions into their lives. The youngest member Ni-Ki is from Japan, Jake is Korean-Australian, Jay is American, and Heeseung, Sunghoon, Sunoo, and Jungwon are Korean. With these backgrounds, they are fluent in English and Japanese. In the K-pop industry, it is crucial to speak them since the U.S and Japan are two large markets. 

2. Their Music:

They are not afraid to dip their toes in different genres of music such as r&b, pop-rock, hip-hop, and even classical while putting their spin on it. Their debut ‘Given-Taken’ starts with gorgeous harp chords, and one of their newest title tracks ‘Blessed-Cursed’ from their recent repackage album has a hip-hop vibe. Ready to set off on your adventure through their discography? Here are some tracks for every step of the way.

3. Their Willingness To Pursue Unique Concepts:

Their debut song ‘Given-Taken’ has a vampiric concept, the music video and accompanying visuals show this theme. Since then, they have referenced works such as Hamlet (‘Given-Taken‘) and Shakesperean sonnets (‘Intro: Walk The Line’), in addition to horror movies (‘Drunk-Dazed’). They also unleashed their inner princes for the music video for ‘Fever.’ An interesting thing that sets them apart is their intros, interludes, and outros, which consist of story-like narration relating to the album’s concept. Both the English and Korean-speaking members have done these, which are all done in the former.

Image Source: BeLift Lab via Twitter

4. Their Love For Their Fans, Engenes: 

Their fans are called Engenes, and the name has two meanings: the first, from the spelling, is that the fans are the group’s ‘genes’ and that we all share the same DNA to connect, grow, and discover together, and the second comes from the pronunciation, which says that the fans are Enhypen’s ‘engines’ to keep going. The ways they interact with the fans are through Weverse and Vlive. These are apps where they can, respectively, comment on fans’ posts, live stream, where they answer questions and respond to comments in real-time.

5. Their Live Vocals Are Amazing:

ENHYPEN’s live vocals are no joke. Their members’ tones, ranging from low notes to high falsettos, are always impressive, whether the performances contain choreography or not. The language and accent differences also factor into them. We would love to see them release an English track and we know that it would probably be as beautiful as their Korean discography. Whether they’re covering a song from their seniors or an original, they always know how to deliver. One of our favorite covers they did was BTS’ ‘Boy In Luv,’ which they did for a music show.

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There are many more reasons we think you would love these seven talented boys, but we kept it down to five. Are there any Engenes reading this? What are some of your favorite Enhypen traits? If you have not checked them out already, we encourage you to and hope that you love them just as much as we do!

Did this article make you curious to learn more about this diverse and talented group? Let us know in the comments or over on our Twitter or Facebook!

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