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Sebastián Yatra Debuts New Single ‘Melancólicos Anónimos’ From Dharma

Sebastián Yatra Debuts New Single ‘Melancólicos Anónimos’ From Dharma

Sebastián Yatra

Once again, Sebastián Yatra has excelled and he continues his winning streak. The Colombian singer has just released the final single ‘Melancólicos Anónimos’ from his highly anticipated musical album Dharma, which has us head over heels in love with him.

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The Singer: Sebastián Yatra

Here at The Honey POP, it is no secret that we are huge fans of Latin music. In our opinion, music should not be restricted to linguistic or geographical boundaries since it is a universal language that speaks for all of us and resonates with our hearts. And Sebastián Yatra is turning out to be one of the best examples since he is that good. It is no surprise that he is becoming increasingly well-known in international music circles as he embodies the very best of Latin American music and keeps on delivering big hits after big hits.

Sebastian Yatra
Image Source: Sebastián Yatra via Instagram

Whether you are looking for upbeat music to make you dance the night away or romantic love ballads that will melt your heart and make you feel all the feels, his discography caters to all. Even if you have never been in a relationship, or experienced those feelings, or even if you do not speak Spanish, we bet that his soft, mellifluous vocals will put you in the mood for love.

Dos oruguitas enamoradas/ Pasan sus noches y madrugadas
Llenas de hambre/ Siguen andando y navegando un mundo
Que cambia y sigue cambiando/ Navegando un mundo
Que cambia y sigue cambiando

He remains a perennial favorite on streaming charts and Latin radio globally, along with the massive success of ‘Dos Oruguitas’ from Encanto that marked a new milestone in his career.

Image Source: GIPHY

The Single: ‘Melancólicos Anónimos’

Produced by Manuel Lara and co-written with Manuel Lara, Juanjo Monserrat, Manuel Lorente, and Benjamin Alerhand Sissa, the latest single ‘Melancólicos Anónimos’ (Melancholics Anonymous) is released via Universal Music Group and Universal Music Latino. Sebastián chronicles the highs and lows following a breakup and reminisces about the old days in this whimsical new track. This track has a vibrant, enticing rhythm that complements the lyrics perfectly, and it has had us humming and grooving since it debuted. As he croons the lyrics in soothing, dulcet tones, our hearts swell with joy. He conquers the hearts of his listeners with his lyrics, visuals, and charismatic personality, as seen in all his previous hits.

You’d want to hear this track repeatedly, so join us as we can’t resist jamming to it all weekend long. Stream, purchase, and share ‘Melancólicos Anónimos’ here!

Image Source: Single artwork via Universal Music Group/ Universal Music Latino

The Music Video

Directed by Joaquín Cambre and Alexan Sarikamichian, the music video for the single was shot in Argentina. The video concept surrounds an emotional conversation between a heartbroken lover and a psychologist and pretty much sums it up. It opens with a TV ad commercial in which a psychologist appeals to people to call her for help with their broken hearts. When the camera pans out, we see a heartbroken Sebastián Yatra in bed calling the psychologist as he hears her on television.

As the video unfolds, we follow Sebastián on an emotional rollercoaster recounting stories to his psychologist as he remembers some bittersweet memories with his ex-lover. As the singer progresses through his emotions, he goes through different mental phases- from grief to anger, flirting to parting, and reminiscing to finally moving on from his past. There is no doubt that you will enjoy watching this video since it is easygoing and entertaining with a few fun elements.

Take a look below to find out what we mean!

The Album: Dharma

Sebastián Yatra has released his highly-anticipated third studio album Dharma, and it seems like he is on the right track. This 17-track long genre-bending album follows the success of his previous project Fantasía, and it is his most eclectic album to date with a varied offering- from musical styles to emotional explorations. Sebastián seamlessly incorporates elements of pop music, punk rock, cumbia, vallenato and flamenco, and reggaeton, weaving together his story.

I make music to heal all parts of the heart. Dharma is part of life’s journey. It is destiny. It is natural. It flows, and it’s what is meant to be. It’s about accepting reality and receiving life for what it is.

Sebastián Yatra about Dharma

Further, it explores a wide array of soundscapes bolstered by some of the most honest and profound lyrics he has ever penned surrounding life-fears, joy, sexuality, and sorrows. As we serenade these songs, we are confident that these will make their way onto your music playlist as soon as you click the play button. Dharma already boasts numerous multi-platinum certifications, as it features some of his most successful works, along with brand new material we are eagerly anticipating hearing. 

Image Source: Sebastián Yatra via Instagram

Listen to Dharma here!

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The Cover

The cover artwork for the album depicts Sebastián Yatra looking through a broken piece of glass covering his ears with a stylized title painted in orange in the right-hand corner. Taking the shredded glass metaphor out of the cover, we speculate that the singer might be reflecting through different lenses as he tells his story, sharing a recollection of his various memories and emotions over the course of his life. Despite its simplicity, the album artwork is pleasing to the eye. We now leave it up to you, dear readers, to interpret the meaning behind these shredded glasses and how it relates to the album. It’s all open to interpretation.

Image Credits: Erick Fernando Quezada

The Tracklist

His new album features some of his extraordinarily, and best-selling pop hits, including ‘Runaway,’ ‘Amor Pasajero,’ and ‘Dharma,’ as well as some new earworms. This album also features gorgeous collaborations with artists like Daddy Yankee, Natti Natasha, Lenny Tavárez, Mariah Angeliq, Elena Rose, Myke Towers, and more. Sebastián has a unique signature sound coupled with his ability to weave lyrics into feel-good music, demonstrating his continuing musical versatility. When he writes a song, he puts all of his heart and soul into it as he explores the sounds that touch, express, and bring out those emotions.

Image Source: Tracklist artwork via Universal Music Group & Universal Music Latino

Check out the complete tracklist below:

  1. ‘Básicamente’
  2. ‘Dharma’ w/ Rosario & Jorge Celedón
  3. ‘Modo Avión’
  4. ‘Quererte Bonito’ w/ Elena Rose
  5. ‘Tacones Rojos’
  6. ‘Amor Pasajero’
  7. ‘Regresé’ w/ Justin Quiles & L-Gante
  8. ‘Si me la Haces’ w/ Lenny Tavárez & Mariah Angeliq
  9. ‘Tarde’
  10. ‘Melancólicos Anónimos’
  11. ‘Las Dudas’ w/ Aitana
  12. ‘Adiós’
  13. ‘A Dónde Van’ w/ Álvaro Diaz
  14. ‘TBT’ w/ Rauw Alejandro & Manuel Turizo
  15. ‘Chica Ideal’ w/ Guaynaa
  16. ‘Runaway’ w/ Daddy Yankee, Natti Natasha
  17. ‘Pareja del Año’ w/ Myke Towers

And Now, It’s Your Turn…

Sebastián Yatra will also embark on his Dharma World Tour on February 23rd, traveling to different cities and countries throughout 2022, with more dates forthcoming. You can click here to see the tour dates and grab your tickets!

Image Source: GIPHY

Are you impressed by Sebastian’s newest single and music video? Have you listened to Dharma yet, and do you have a favorite track off it? Comment down below or tweet us at @TheHoneyPop! Want the daily drip? Get the latest pop culture news and inside scoop by following us on Instagram and Facebook!

Want to read more about Sebastián Yatra? We’ve got you covered here! Searching for more poppin’ tunes for your ears? Buzz over here!


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