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It’s Time To Face Our Fears With Hikaru Utada’s Newest Album

It’s Time To Face Our Fears With Hikaru Utada’s Newest Album

If you’re a big fan of the game Kingdom Hearts, you’re probably already familiar with singer Hikaru Utada’s work. And if you’re not, then get ready for a fantastic journey through music. 

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Near the end of January, Utada released their eleventh studio album and eighth Japanese studio album, Bad Mode. The album consists of 14 tracks, both in English and Japanese. Prior to this, the last project we got from the star was their EP Last Kiss in early 2021, so it feels great having new music again!

Bad Mode finds itself as a critical point in Utada’s self-discovery. And as we’re all well aware, they are an exceptional storyteller, so when we fully immersed ourselves into the album, we found ourselves relating to the newer tracks. Not only is it relatable, but each track oozes the vibes Utada is known for, and well, they’re all also great tracks. 

Title track ‘Bad Mode’ was the first new track fans got to hear from the album, and it was more than anyone could hope for. The retro, and soft beat, the lyrics, there is nothing about this track that doesn’t scream amazing! The lyrics are honestly exactly what we hope to hear from our s.o.’s, and it’s also our thought process when approaching someone. They’re so simple yet lovely, making it one of our fave tracks from the album. 

Yes, we said one, of our faves, because we found ourselves also falling for these other tracks:

”君に夢中 (Kimini Muchuu)’

What to look out for in this track: The piano and synth runs remind us of the Stranger Things theme song, just much airier, and to be honest, we’re in love with both. Also, the lyrics “If there’s even one thing that’s not a lie / that’d be enough for me / Which version of myself is really the original one?” makes us wanna scream. 

‘Face My Fears (ft. Skrillex)’

What to look out for in this track: First off, Utada’s voice with Skrillex’s EDM sound is really everything. Plus, we didn’t know which version is our favorite, so please be sure to check out the live version, as their vocals are out of this world. 

‘One Last Kiss’

What to look out for in this track: We always love Utada’s music because of the super catchy beats, and you can just tell it’s their song, just by the feeling you get from listening to the track(s). ‘Last Kiss’ was also the theme song for EVANGELION: 3.0+1.0 THRICE UPON A TIME


What to look out for in this track: The 8D effect really tickles a spot in our brains. Plus, the lyrics are all about not doubting yourself and not relying on others for answers about yourself when all the answers you’re looking for, come from you.

‘Find Love’

What to look out for in this track: This track has an electronic beat that’s too die for, and we would also like to mention that we can picture the track playing in the background of a cool futuristic Sci-fi film. It’s also probably our favorite track on the album.

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And you know what else? We also have the release of the Bad Mode CD to look forward to, and if you wanna keep up with the release, over on their website they currently have a countdown to the release! Also, don’t forget to stream Bad Mode, here.

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What’s your favorite track from Hikaru Utada’s Bad Mode? Let us know in the comments down below, or on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, and don’t forget to talk to us on Facebook and Instagram!

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