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These Romantic YA Novels Will Give You ALL The Feels For Valentine’s Day

These Romantic YA Novels Will Give You ALL The Feels For Valentine’s Day

Romantic YA books

If you love love, these romantic YA novels are perfect for keeping you company this Valentine’s Day season! From sweeping romance to hilarious romcoms and juicy drama, these books bring all the vibes for Valentine’s and deserve a spot in your TBR!

Heartstopper By Alice Oseman

Image Source: Scholastic

At a British all-boys school, Charlie, an overachiever, meets Nick, a kind-hearted rugby player. Charlie is a year younger than Nick and spent the last school year being bullied after being outed. A new friendship blooms between the pair and soon becomes something more, truly living up to its title. This graphic novel about love, friendship, and loyalty will give you all the butterflies!

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The Falling In Love Montage By Ciara Smyth

Image Source: Harper Teen

In this adorable romance and sapphic coming-of-age story, Saoirse, our main character, is dealing with a lot. Her mom is in a facility for early-onset dementia, and she’s more alone than ever after a falling-out with her two best friends. Plus, she strictly doesn’t believe in love – as in, none of the cheesy romance movie, meet-cute, fluffy montage stuff. At a chance meeting during an end-of-term party (dare we say, a meet-cute?), Saoirse begins to do what she never thought was possible: fall for Ruby, the girl with the blue freckle and love for romcoms. Ruby proposes a plan to forget about the falling in love part and do all the cliché romcom dates, no strings attached. The Falling In Love Montage brings us as much cuteness as it does self-discovery and self-love, and leaves us wishing for our own montage!

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If This Gets Out By Sophie Gonzales & Cale Dietrich

Image Source: Wednesday Books

If you’re here, you’re probably a music stan like us, and this one is for you! Ruben and Zach are members of a popular boy band, Saturday. The four-piece group are besties on and off the stage, but under the pressure of fame and the whirlwind of the music industry, things start to crack under pressure. As Ruben and Zach confide in each other, their friendship begins to evolve into something more. The only problem is, as much as they wish to share their love with the world and their fans, their management seems to have other plans. If you’ve ever set foot on Twitter or Tumblr from the years 2010 to 2022, then you know where this is going. What would happen if one of those boy band ships really did come true? Are you ready?

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The Kindred By Alechia Dow

Image Source: Inkyard Press

In this galactic tale, Joy and Felix are Kindred –– a mind-pairing that crosses societal boundaries. Joy is a commoner from an ordinary planet, while Felix is a duke intent on meeting his Kindred face-to-face. When the royal family is assassinated, all signs point to Felix as next in line to the throne. Suddenly, he’s in danger and so is Joy, and the two of them must escape to the strange planet Earth to hide. This charming sci-fi brings all the juicy romance, aliens navigating Earth, and royal drama we could ask for, and you can read more about just how much we loved it in our review! Convinced? You should be!

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Instructions For Dancing By Nicola Yoon

Image Source: Penguin Random House

Evie has the ability to see the fates of romances––both the heartwarming and heartbreaking kind. As she navigates her newfound gift, she learns to ballroom dance at La Brea Dance Studio with a boy named X, her complete opposite. As they fall for each other, Evie questions her visions of heartbreak and wonders if experiencing an epic love story is worth the risk. This whirlwind romance will keep you turning the page! Evie and X’s dynamic and chemistry are electric and we couldn’t get enough. Honestly? We think you’ll feel the same. It’s safe to say Nicola Yoon is a master of YA romance, after also bringing us the bestselling Everything, Everything and The Sun Is Also A Star! You can see why we think Instructions for Dancing would make a great movie right here.

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Love & Gelato By Jenna Evans Welch

Image Source: Simon Pulse

If you grew up watching The Lizzie McGuire Movie and dreaming of visiting Italy like she did, this one is for you! Beautiful Tuscany, a cute boy, lots of gelato, art, self-discovery, and a complicated family? Count us in! Lina is spending her summer in Tuscany to fulfill her mother’s dying wish that she get to know her father, even though she hasn’t known him at all in 16 years. As she reads her mother’s journal detailing her fairy tale life in Italy, Lina experiences a life-changing summer of her own and discovers a secret that reshapes her outlook on her family and herself. Got the taste for gelato now too?

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Blackout By Dhonielle Clayton, Tiffany D. Jackson, Nic Stone, Angie Thomas, Ashley Woodfolk, & Nicola Yoon

Image Source: Quill Tree Books

This glittering short story collection brings together six adorable love stories and six acclaimed authors to tell them! During a summer heatwave blackout in New York, sparks fly in the dark. Between blossoming love, new beginnings, navigating friendships, and more, this collection shines as it highlights Black teen love stories. This anthology is perfect for a summer, or a wishing for summer, read! Plus, it features LGBTQIAP+ representation and is overall completely charming and uniquely written. The interconnection of these stories will pull you right into the characters’ world, which will have you struggling to put the book down.

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Not Here To Be Liked By Michelle Quach

Image Source: Harper Children’s

Billed as Emergency Contact meets Moxie, this story follows Eliza, the perfect candidate for editor-in-chief of the school newspaper. When ex-jock Len decides to challenge her for the spot, her frustration results in a viral essay that inspires a feminist movement. As tension grows, Eliza and Len are forced to work together despite it all and the tables turn when Eliza realizes she may be falling for the very boy she’s been against the whole time. Who doesn’t love a good rivals-to-lovers romance?

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Pushing The Limits By Katie McGarry

Image Source: Harlequin Teen

This YA classic is a romance full of heart and emotion as we follow Echo, a former popular girl dealing with tough circumstances. After a terrible night leaves her with emotional and physical scars, she feels more alone than ever. Enter Noah Hutchins, who becomes Echo’s kindred spirit and confidant. Each of the teens is dealing with their own heavy problems and finds comfort and understanding in each other, which builds to a sweet romance you can’t help but fall in love with. The angst of this story will have you rooting for Noah and Echo until the very end! Are you ready?

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Starry Eyes By Jenn Bennett

Image Source: Simon & Schuster

Best friends to enemies to lovers? A camping trip that goes wrong? Feuding families? We couldn’t be more obsessed with Lennon and Zorie’s story. After avoiding each other for months, the two find themselves stranded together in the wilderness. As they’re forced to work together to get themselves back to safety, they’re forced to speak and work out their issues. As they grow closer, feelings begin to emerge, and they find their way back in more ways than one. Jenn Bennett’s YA romances are safe sex-positive, adorable, heart-warming, and simply delightful––perfect for February!

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See Also

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before By Jenny Han

Image Source: Simon & Schuster

If you haven’t at least heard of To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, you might be living under a rock. But that’s okay because we’re here for you. This modern YA classic by Jenny Han follows Lara Jean, a hopeless romantic who has documented every crush she’s ever had through letters kept in her secret hatbox. When her box of letters gets mailed out, she’s faced with the humiliation of her most personal secrets out in the open. There’s her camp crush, her first kiss, and even her sister’s ex-boyfriend and neighbor, Josh. As she deals with each one face-to-face, she must confront truths about herself and her family and friends as she knows them. To All The Boys has fake dating, baking, cute lacrosse boys (Peter K, we love you), childhood friendship dynamics, and strong family vibes. It’s the coziest Valentine’s read or re-read! Plus, you can watch the Netflix film after!

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Tweet Cute By Emma Lord

Image Source: Wednesday Books

This cute rivals-to-lovers will have you wishing for a grilled cheese! Pepper is a perfectionist and chronic overachiever, who juggles school and extracurriculars with running her family’s chain restaurant’s Twitter account. Jack, class clown and constant rival to Pepper, works in his family’s deli with his twin. He has a love/hate relationship with the deli, but when Pepper’s family business steals his grandma’s iconic grilled cheese recipe, it becomes a Twitter war. As they become a viral sensation, they’re also secretly falling for each other––unknowingly––on an app Jack built. This hilarious story is full of humor, charm, awkwardness, and friendship and we would simply die for the famous grilled cheese recipe!

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Love Somebody By Rachel Roasek

Image Source: Farrar, Straus, and Giroux

This 2022 debut is set to become one of our faves of the year! We follow Sam, an actress, Ros, the smart loner, and Christian, the soccer star. Sam and Christian are exes but they remained friends, so when he falls for Ros, Sam helps him navigate his new crush. But the complex dynamics and history between the three of them begin to unravel as they traverse love and friendship together. The feels! Wanna get in your feels with us?

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Our hearts are full of love this Valentine’s Day season for these YA books, and we hope yours will be too! Whether you’re spending the day with a loved one, friends, a significant other, or just yourself, these stories will be there to accompany you through it all.

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