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Here’s Why Everyone Is In Love With All Of Us Are Dead

Here’s Why Everyone Is In Love With All Of Us Are Dead

The latest K-Drama sensation taking over Netflix and Twitter is the coming-of-age zombie apocalypse horror TV series, All Of Us Are Dead. From an amazing ensemble cast to the action-packed sequences that will keep you on the edge of your seats, here are five reasons why everyone’s in love with All Of Us Are Dead.

The Cast

Image Source: Netflix

The wonderful cast of this K-Drama might feel new to many fans but in fact they are critically acclaimed child actors. The first female lead of the show, Park Ji Hoo is best known for her leading role in the 2018 critically acclaimed film House of Hummingbird for which she won the Best Actress award at the 18th Tribeca Film Festival. The second female lead, Jo Yi Hyun has starred in hit shows like Hospital Playlist and My Country: The New Age. Star of the show, Yoon Chan Young debuted as a child actor and earned two awards for the Best Young Actor at the 3rd APAN Star Awards and the 2014 MBC Drama Awards for his appearance is the 2014 drama Mama. Everyone’s favorite selfless Squid Game player 240, played by actress Lee Yoo Mi, returns in this drama as a not-so-selfless high school student.

The Premise

Every zombie apocalypse movie or TV series has an origin story of the zombie virus and All Of Us Are Dead is no exception. The zombie virus in the show is created by the science teacher at Hyosan High School, Lee Byeong Chan, played by the veteran actor, Kim Byung Chul. His motive to create the virus was to help his son fight his bullies at school. He created the first zombie by injecting concentrated testosterone at high levels. The premise makes perfect sense as the high school is ground zero of the apocalypse and the first people infected are the students. Besides the overarching zombie theme, the show also deals with the socio-economic relationships between the students perpetuated by bullying, discrimination, and more.

Asking The Real Questions

Set in a high school filled with young students and almost no adult supervision or guidance, the show is filled with quirky sarcasm and poses some real (hilarious) questions. One of the biggest ones being where and how do you pee and poop during a zombie apocalypse? Everyone always talks about running out of food and water but when you are stuck in a classroom with your peers and blood hungry zombies everywhere, there are other things to be concerned about as well… These funny moments and quirky dialogues between friends makes the show enjoyable and relatable, as well as humanizes the characters.

Character Growth

Image Source: Netflix Korea

High school students can be very stubborn and opinionated. Glued to their phones and worried about how others perceive them, many of their decisions are superficial. But when thrown into a life and death crisis, they can be smarter than the adults. The show features a wide range of characters as well as commonly seen tropes in high school series. But we also get to see each one of the characters go through a lot of growth and development as they navigate friendship, death, and love as their loyalty and strength is constantly tested. The drama accurately depicts the lives of high school students who not only have to face the imminent threat of zombies, but also their survival in the world at large.

Park Solomon And Yoon Chan Young

Image Source: 윤찬영 Yoon chanyoung via Instagram

The drama’s two male leads have been gaining a lot of traction online with everyone praising not only their acting skills but also simping over their looks. Lee Soo Hyeok played by Park Solomon, and Lee Cheong San played by Yoon Chan Young, are the perfect male leads fans could have asked for in the show. Unlike most dramas where the male leads are at odds with each other, Su Hyeok and Cheong San team up repeatedly to fight against the walking dead and protect their friends despite the high-stress situations. The show also gives us many bromance moments between the two, which is also shared behind the scenes as seen on their Instagrams. With the new show racking in praise and popularity, the two actors are bound to have a breakout year in 2022.

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