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Jamie Miller Releases His Candid New Single ‘I Lost Myself In Loving You’

Jamie Miller Releases His Candid New Single ‘I Lost Myself In Loving You’

Welsh singer-songwriter Jamie Miller has released his latest single ‘I Lost Myself In Loving You,’ a heartfelt ballad about his journey to self-realization. Let’s see what he has to say on the new song.

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Co-written by Jamie alongside Sierra Deaton and GRAMMY-nominated pop hitmaker Jon Hume, the intimate, and candid track dives into the afflictions of blind love. Talking about the song, Miller says,

I wrote this song after falling completely in love with the wrong person. After coming out as bisexual last year, I found myself in love with a guy for the first time and was completely blinded by my emotions. Although our time together left me deceived and heartbroken, I hope this song can help mend a few broken hearts.

The soaring ballad is quite possibly Miller’s most personal and candid single to date. Through the raw lyrics, he comes to the realization that while he believed he was the problem, the only thing wrong was the other person, “Looking back the only thing I’d change is you.” The emotions in the lyrics are also amplified by Miller’s beautiful yet powerful vocal delivery.

‘Lost Myself In Loving You’ follows the singer’s first OST, ‘Wishes’ from the Korean drama Snowdrop starring Jung Hae In and Jisoo of BLACKPINK. The stunning ballad accurately represents the tumultuous relationship of the lead characters. Thanks to the popularity of the drama, the track has amassed over 4 million streams and 2.5 million video views worldwide within just a week and landed at #1 on the K-OST chart in Genius Korea for the month of January.

Last year Miller went viral with his track ‘Here’s Your Perfect’ which spent a whopping 13 weeks on Billboard’s Global Ex-US chart and was deemed a “breakout hit” by Rolling Stone magazine. The track has garnered over 338 million global streams to date. Meanwhile, Miller’s debut single ‘City That Never Sleeps’ which was produced by GRAMMY-nominated hitmaker MNEK, and was rightfully called a “dreamy pop debut” by the Huffington Post.

Miller songwriting and vocals have also been praised by legends in the industry including power vocalists Kelly Clarkson and P!NK. Pop music has a new dreamy pop star who not only has the looks but also the talent to put him on the map. With multiple singles under his belt and a growing fanbase, Miller is getting ready to release his debut studio album this year.

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