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The Bee’s Knees: Artists On The Rise

The Bee’s Knees: Artists On The Rise

Welcome to The Bee’s Knees, your weekly indulgence of all the latest playlist must-haves, hand-picked and ready to enjoy! These up-and-comers are coming at you hard and fast, and you don’t need any distractions. So sit back with your noise-canceling headphones and allow us to add a little sweetness to your playlists!

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Bee's knees
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‘Joke’ – Just Stef

About Just Stef:
•Just Stef is a first-generation Argentinian-American, vocal dynamo who can belt in English and Spanish, and posts hilarious viral sketches on social media.
Genre: Pop-Rock
For Fans Of: Olivia Rodrigo, Julia Michaels, and

A powerhouse vocalist and an unprecedented talent, Just Stef brings her all with ‘Joke’ – an emotional ballad calling out a cheater and saying her piece. Not only do her haunting vocals fully engulf even the deepest parts of our souls, but her lyrics are breathtakingly poetic, and we have no choice but to stan. Stream the new song here!

‘Cobain’ – Telltale Ft. Honey Revenge

About Telltale:
•Telltale is a four-piece band out of Richmond, Virginia, and has been on the grind working their magic by opening for bands like Broadside, As It Is, Real Friends, Assuming We Survive, and Young Culture!
Members: John Carteret (vocals)
Tim Fogg (bass)
Bryce Marshall (guitar)
Travis Slack (drums)
For Fans Of: Grayscale and 30 Seconds To Mars

How many ways can you spell phenomenal? Because that is what we have to say about this song! Everything about this song is perfection, from the fierce rhythms to the melancholy lyrics that cut deep to the core. We sense this is going to be a massive hit for Telltale, and we’ll be here cheering them on the entire way! Stream the song here!

‘Panic Attack’ – Caroline Romano

About Caroline Romano:
•Caroline Romano is a 20-year-old, self-proclaimed “loudest sort of an introvert,” Nashville-based singer-songwriter.
Genre: Alt-Pop
For Fans Of: Olivia Rodrigo, Lana Del Ray, and Julia Michaels

Intricately written and intimately delivered, Caroline Romano gives a vulnerable glimpse inside her mind in ‘Panic Attack’ – a song that recounts her feelings and emotions after a severe panic attack: paralyzing and terrifying. We can’t speak for everyone, but that is a feeling we can relate to all too well! Stream the song here!

‘BETTER’ – Royal & The Serpent

About Royal & The Serpent:
•Royal & The Serpent is an RIAA certified Gold, LA-based singer-songwriter known for putting on high-energy live performances.
Genre: Alt-Pop
For Fans Of: Avril Lavigne and Charlotte Sands

Royal & The Serpent transforms the lowest period of her life into a pop-punk-infused masterpiece about anxiety and depression, complete with cinematic visuals to make you feel as though you were living through the hard times with her. It hits a bit too close to home (if we’re being honest), but it’s a must-have for any playlist. Stream it and her new EP, If I Died Would Anyone Care, here!

‘Timeless’ – American Authors Ft. Chad Tepper

About American Authors:
• American Authors originally formed in 2006 at Berklee College of Music in Boston and have since experienced milestones most bands only dream about: platinum records, topped charts, and toured the world with bands such as Andy Grammar, OAR, OneRepublic, The Revivalists, and The Fray.
Members: Zac Barnett (vocals/guitar)
Dave Rublin (bass)
Matt Sanchez (drums)
For Fans Of: OneRepublic and The Unlikely Candidates

Get ready to feel nostalgic with American Authors’ new track ‘Timeless.’ A song that tells the stories of the past that brought them to where they are today, a concept that has us reflecting on our younger years. The addition of Chad Tepper on this track adds an extra element of brilliance that takes this song over the top. 10/10 would recommend for all playlists, and you can add it here!

‘CASUALTY’ – Mothica

About Mothica:
•Mothica started by independently releasing her music, and in 2020, she had a breakthrough with her viral hit ‘VICES,’ and her fanbase continues to grow every day!
Genre: Alt-Pop
For Fans Of: Kailee Morgue and Ashnikko

Can we all give Mothica a standing ovation already? This new song is top tier; it’s got the hypnotic alt-pop beats that we are addicted to, and Mothica’s textured vocals are beyond intoxicating. Oh, and the meaning behind the song? EMPOWERING! Stream it here!

I was thinking about how many things in my life were set up to destroy me. Like, alcoholism and depression that runs in my family. I suffer from both, and I really hate the idea of either of these things being the reason I give up on life. The word “casualty” refers more to the numbers to represent how fatal a war is, and doesn’t really consider the individuality of each life lost. 

Mothica on ‘CASUALTY’

‘All The Money’ – Nick Mono

About Nick Mono:
•Nick Mono is a West London producer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist who became obsessed with music from an early age – writing and releasing music all through high school.
Genre: Alt-Rock/Indie-Pop
For Fans Of: Thomas Headon

Nick says, “step into my office, where we make magical hits and take the world by storm!” in his latest track, ‘All The Money.’ It’s not only delightfully catchy, but it’s also such a feel-good song, and it’s perfect for all your party’s (whether with close friends or a party in your room). Add it to your playlists here

‘Kiss My Scars’ – August Royals

About August Royals:
•August Royals is a Georgia-born and Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter who went viral on Instagram in 2019 after posting a clip of his song ‘Reckless.’
Genre: Indie-Pop
For Fans Of: The Driver Era and Charlie Puth

We have grown exceptionally fond of August Royals and his unbelievable music, but his latest single, ‘Kiss My Scars,’ might be one of our favorites of the year so far! It’s a riveting ode to self-love, which is our favorite kind of love, and something about its soulful melodies makes our hearts flutter with adoration. It’s got to be at the top of your playlists asap – add it here!

‘I Hate Loving You’ – Jordan Brynn

About Jordan Brynn:
•Jordan Brynn is a Nashville singer-songwriter who began writing her songs and playing guitar and piano at the age of 11.
Genre: Folk-Pop
For Fans Of: Olivia Rodrigo and Taylor Swift

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How would we describe such a heart-wrenching song about the pain and frustration that comes with loving someone so easily despite them giving you every reason not to? How about raw, relatable, and utterly radiant. The pensive lyrics on this track have blown our minds, and Jordan’s vocals pair flawlessly with the soft yet mesmerizing instrumentals. We can’t get enough of it, and you can stream it with us – here!

‘So Sorry’ – Lola Young

About Lola Young:
•Lola Young is a 21-year-old artist from South East London, who started writing songs at age 11, and by 13, had already competed in (and won) a national open mic competition and appeared on a television show.
Genre: Pop-Rock/R&B
For Fans Of: GRACEY, Corinne Bailey Rae, and Holly Humberstone

This bop is our new “dance-around-the-house-and-sing-into-a-hairbrush” song. It’s perfectly upbeat while still evoking a wide range of emotions from every fiber of our being, which, in our opinion, creates the perfect kind of song. Add this song to your playlists here, and get to streaming!

On-The-Rise Albums/EP’s That Have The Drip:

Out Now!

Happy Place EP – SAINT PHNX
Feel Something (Deluxe) – Jaymes Young
Spiritual Machines II – Our Lady Peace
to hell with it [REMIXES] – PinkPantheress
Untidy Soul – Samm Henshaw

Coming Soon…

Heaux Tales, Mo’ Tales: The Deluxe – Jazmine Sullivan (February 11th)
Get A Good Look – SPORTS (February 11th)
Nobody’s Home – Bakar (February 25th)
Satellite – Geneviève Racette (March 18th)
Nine Lives – Yova (March 25th)
Red Balloon – Tank And The Bangas (May 13th)
Better Days – Mr Little Jeans (June 3rd)
Truth Be Told EP – grouptherapy (TBA)

There you have it, honey poppers! This week’s hottest on-the-rise artists that we think are the bee’s knees! Don’t forget to stream your favorites and while you’re at it, tell us in the comments below which artist/song/EP was your favorite! You can also hit us up on FacebookInstagram, or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP!

Want more new tunes? Buzz over here!

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