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5 Feel-Good Songs By Aalia To Add To Your Playlist Right Now

5 Feel-Good Songs By Aalia To Add To Your Playlist Right Now

Maybe you still haven’t heard of Aalia but don’t worry. We are here to finally introduce her to you! We love discovering underappreciated artists that have the perfect voice and skills as they also deserve getting recognition from the general public. As we go deeper into this writing, you will soon latch onto what this female singer-songwriter has to offer.

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Aalia is an independent South Korean singer-songwriter that everyone needs to know about. Debuted in 2018 with her first digital single, ‘Maybe I Was Wrong,’ and now spending almost four years in the music industry. Participating in various Korean dramas’ original soundtracks, she continues to share with us how she has grown as a musician for the past few years. Her whole discography serves, but for now, let us choose the five feel-good tracks by Aalia for you to put in your playlist.

Image Source: Aalia via Instagram

‘Adrenaline (Italian Ver.)’

To kick off the list, we have ‘Adrenaline (Italian Ver.)’ written by Aalia herself. The original soundtrack for the Korean drama Vincenzo serves way more than you think it is and hits different, especially if you have watched the beloved drama. It will give you the vibe. Aalia once shared that she didn’t know the Italian language but had to work it off for the Italian version of the song, and we love her for creating this masterpiece! The tune gives off powerful and badass vibes, plus looking at its lyrics, you’ll feel the chills… Seems like you are preparing for something to destroy and burn your enemy, cool, isn’t it? ‘Adrenaline (Italian Ver.)’ is one of the coolest OSTs ever — a must-listen track, everyone!

‘Is This Love’

Next stop, ‘Is This Love’: also a part of the official soundtracks of hit drama Vincenzo written by the multi-talented Aalia herself, again. The slow-crooning jazz track will fly you off to paradise. Not everyone could pen down a perfect symphonic tune that this song has. A very soft, touching, and spellbinding song that you might want to play at a candle-lit romantic dinner with your partner. You will get attached to it in the first to a few listens and will play it over and over again.


‘LOVE KILLS HATE’ is another slow yet funky tune, along with Aalia’s angelic and comforting voice. This would be the best package we could ask for! Released last July of 2020, the more you listen to it, the more you realize that this track doesn’t seem to age. The self-written track hits all the right buttons, you’ll instantly get chills hearing her voice!

‘My Blue Moon’

Another must-listen track in Aalia’s versatile discography, ‘My Blue Moon.’ The track itself stands out among other R&B songs, as it brings you back to the 80s. Listening to the vocals and instrumentation of the track behind the rhythms and harmonies will send chills down your spine and give you goosebumps. You can’t help to listen to it on loop. It is the tune you keep on coming back to because of how perfect and soothing it is.

‘Maybe I Was Wrong’

Let’s not forget Aalia’s first-ever single, ‘Maybe I Was Wrong,’ which was originally released in 2018. The song has this powerful instrumentation with a beautiful piano work that brings out the easygoing vibe that appeals to anyone. Along with the singer-songwriter’s distressing vocals, the track is just an absolute masterpiece that creates a sentimental harmony. There’s nothing like the serenity that her voice always brings. Aalia is more than just a singer-songwriter.

Besides Aalia’s heavenly discography, we also recommend listening to her song covers, including Adele‘s ‘Easy On Me,’ which will give you the warmest hug after a long tiring day. Plus her cover of Frankie Valli’s ‘Can’t Take My Eyes Off you,’ to feel her soft singing voice. We all wish we could put into words how her voice makes us feel like we’re in heaven!

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We will give you a bit more time to choose what’s your favorite song of Aalia, but based on your first listens, which is your favorite among all the feel-good tracks as of now? Share it with us by tweeting @TheHoneyPOP!

Looking for more songs to put on your playlist? Let us show the way!


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