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7 Times NCT’s Jisung Proved He Is The Future Of The Industry

7 Times NCT’s Jisung Proved He Is The Future Of The Industry

Being a maknae isn’t easy, but nobody can beat Park Jisung, the maknae of the maknaes. He is literally not only the youngest member of his sub-unit, NCT Dream, but also the whole of NCT. So, every time he breathes, his older brothers -and us, too- scream “Cute!” to his face, but well, are we lying, tho? 

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However, we can’t let his cuteness overshadow his great talent as a K-POP artist, especially as a dancer. When Jisung was introduced as a member of SM Rookies, he was 11 years old, and when he debuted as NCT Dream’s main dancer, he was only 14 years old. But we can’t list all of Jisung’s achievements in one single paragraph, so, let us take you on a ride. Here are seven times Jisung proved the K-POP industry is in good hands. 

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‘Black On Black’

Things 16 years old Jisung did: THAT! We all know how intense the choreo of NCT 2018’s ‘Black On Black’ is. Yet, this was one of the turning points of Jisung’s career. Even though he was very young when the song was released, he proved his talent to everyone else with his hard work, and this took him being a center in such a critical performance. Our maknae Jisung was only 16 when he led the other 17 members, thanks to his outstanding dancing skills, and ever since then, he has never disappointed us.

Dancing High

Another great achievement of 16 years old Jisung is, without any doubt, Dancing High. He was a contestant in Korea’s dancing show, and he was even respected by other competitors. He had a very busy schedule back then with NCT, but he still got prepared for his performances very well, and he served some amazing performances that are still being talked about today. 

WHYNOT – The Dancer

If you don’t know about WHYNOT, let us tell you. It is a mini reality show series that starred K-POP Industry’s top dancers. Like, TOP dancers. We are talking about SHINee’s Taemin, SUPER JUNIOR’s Eunhyuk, HIGHLIGHT’s Lee Gikwang here. Yep, we know! And do you know the other name that was in the program? It was NCT Dream’s Jisung. He was so young, but he managed to be in a show with popular names for being dance-gods. 


We don’t care if you got tired of us talking about Park Jisung in ‘Ridin,’ we will talk about it again. Our maknae didn’t only show his dance talent is celebrated by fans and huge names in the industry, but he also proved his rapping skills. Every time we listen to the song or watch the performance, we can’t help our jaws dropping on the floor, thanks to Jisung. He is literally giving all he has to this song, and he really deserves a big applause.

“I don’t need your love.”

The way Jisung flexed his deep voice in ‘Don’t Need Your Love’ by NCT Dream featuring HRVY still haunts us today. That was a cultural reset. Believe in us. People were crying on the floor or slamming the walls while screaming, “When did this happen?!?!” We still have no idea when or how this happened, but we know Jisung is the one to blame.


Apart from stunning dance performances, unique vocals, and great raps, do you know what another thing NCT’s Jisung serves is? THE looks. His visuals are not a joke, and we won’t let anyone sleep on them.

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He can dance, he can sing, he can rap, and he can write songs, everyone. We stan a multi-talented maknae. We have met with songwriter Park Jisung in NCT Dream’s We Boom for the first time with ‘Bye My First…’ and ‘Best Friend.’ But we were lucky enough to greet him again in the Hot Sauce album with ‘Rainbow,’ in which he participated in writing the rap lyrics. What can we say? We really can’t wait to see him again.

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Image Source: Tenor

And now, it is your turn! Do you agree with us about how he proved himself throughout the years? Be careful, there is only one right answer, but you can always tell us your favorite thing about Jisung on our Twitter @TheHoneyPOP or on our Instagram and Facebook.

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