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girlfriends Is About To Be Your New Fave Pop-Punk Duo, Here’s Why!

girlfriends Is About To Be Your New Fave Pop-Punk Duo, Here’s Why!


It’s no secret that there’s been an emo/pop-punk revival creeping up on us over the last year. 2021 got the ball rolling with artists like Tyler Posey (yes, that Tyler Posey) and Hot Mulligan bringing us some amazing music. And how could we forget Travis Barker singlehandedly fueling a new generation of pop-punk artists? The point is, that there are a ton of artists for you to choose from, whether you’re an old fan or new one diving in. We have another new pop-punk band we wanted to introduce you to called girlfriends and you need to stan immediately.

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girlfriends is made up of Travis Mills and Nick Gross. You might recognize Travis as the host of Travis Mills LIVE on Apple Music’s Beats 1 and MTV’s Ghosted: Love Gone Missing. Nick is the drummer for pop-punk legends Goldfinger and he’s the CEO of Gross Labs. The duo has come together to make some absolutely amazing music, inspired by artists like blink-182 and other pop-punk icons, and we want to share it with you. You may recall that we’ve hyped these guys up before but they’re back with more music and signed to a label! We love to see it.

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We were most recently introduced to girlfriends when they opened for Grayscale on the Umbra Tour late last year. Needless to say, we were immediately impressed and have had their debut self-titled album on repeat since then. girlfriends teamed up with John Feldman for this album so you already know it’s full of nothing but hits. We figure the best way to convince you to stan is to show you what you’re missing so, here are some of our favorite tracks from girlfriends!


As the first song we ever heard by girlfriends, ‘Jessica’ had us hooked from the start. It’s up-tempo, energetic, and that guitar? Oof. We were finger-pointing from day 1 and that’s how we knew we had to stan. When the chorus hits it brings a burst of energy with it and yes, this song is as phenomenal live as it is to listen to alone in your car.


Another favorite of ours is ‘Tattoo.’ This one is absolutely addictive and will get stuck in your head guaranteed. There’s just something about screaming “I got a new tattoo cause it reminds me/it reminds me of you” along with Travis that makes this song great. It’s also high energy and really captures that modern pop-punk sound that we love.


The ‘California’ natives here at The Honey POP really dig this song, gets the message about how we feel about California sometimes across pretty well. It has a group-vocal moment, which is one of our favorite pop-punk production choices. When the group-vocals kick in towards the end of the song we feel like we’re floating. ‘California’ can definitely be described as an anthemic song, another pop-punk staple that makes for a great song.

‘Sugar On Her Lips’

We’re pretty sad we didn’t get to hear this one live tbh because it’s nothing short of a banger. Travis’ vocals really go off on this one and you can really feel that drum beat. This one also feels very anthemic and it’s one of our favorites to sing along to. If you catch us shaking a** to this song mind your own business <3 (or join us, up to you).

‘Where Were You’

You can’t have modern pop-punk without seeing Travis Barker’s name attached to it. This is one of our absolute faves from girlfriends. ‘Where Were You,’ according to Travis Mills, is about the world-changing when COVID-19 hit in the beginning of 2020. The chorus asks “where were you the day it all went down,” making the track a time capsule to the beginning of the pandemic. It’s an angsty one but it captures the emotions surrounding those events perfectly and it is in fact one of our faves for this reason.

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New Music? Yes Please!

Lucky for you, if you like these tracks, there’s more where that came from! girlfriends has two new tracks for you. The duo took to Instagram yesterday to announce and drop their new singles: ‘Missing You’ and ‘Pretty Mouth.’ These two tracks are very reminiscent of the new pop-punk style influenced by Travis Barker. ‘Missing You’ gives us major MGK Tickets to my Downfall vibes for sure. You can stream those songs and the rest of these awesome tracks right this way.

Hopefully, we have successfully convinced you to stan girlfriends after this. We love their music and we can’t wait for the next album. Catch us in the crowd whenever they tour next. Let us know what you think of girlfriends and their music in the comments or drop us a line over on Twitter!

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