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HyunA And DAWN Moments That Make Our Hearts Flutter

HyunA And DAWN Moments That Make Our Hearts Flutter

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Our favorite K-POP couple, and some of our fave idols, HyunA and DAWN, have been thriving since they first started their careers, but as people say, it’s better if you’re working as a team. Since going public with their relationship, the two have given fans endless cutesy and funny moments that we couldn’t get enough of. There really is no love like theirs, and if we could just get a snippet of their kind of love, we could die happy.

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But if you’re not familiar with the two, or just want to see cutesy, and our fave moments of the two, stick around.

It All Started With…

HyunA and DAWN’s appearance on Knowing Bros was the first time people got to see them on a program together as a couple, and they swept up so many people’s hearts. This included the Knowing Bros, who had so many questions for the couple as their love enchanted them. Our favorite thing about it was that even though they were a little bit nervous to talk about their relationship and how they first started dating, they were so cute, blushy, and comfortable around each other. 

“I can only see you babe, I see other people as rocks”

We are taken through an ‘in the day of’ vlog before the release of 1+1+1, along with the album’s making. There are four episodes of HyunA and DAWN’s Studio LuluLala vlogs, and there was so much going on. We got to see the stars working hard while going through the ups and downs that come with it, as well as some cute and funny moments. The fact that DAWN, after having a breakdown because of a haircut from HyunA, let her cut his hair again (btw, this isn’t the first time either) is really, genuinely love. 


Image Source: P Nation

1+1+1 is the first project the two released together, and it just radiates their personalities. It is pure gold from the concept photos to the title track, to the styling and choreo. Let’s first talk about the leading track ‘PING PONG,’ anytime either of them releases something, we never know what to expect, and this was no different. It’s super catchy, plus the MV is so colorful and just mind-blowing. Plus, in the end, they kiss, and it’s adorable. But the whole EP was so good, and we honestly hope for more music from HyunA&DAWN. Because of the on-stage and promotional moments, we just couldn’t get over it. 

Our Queen Really Does It All

HyunA has her own vlog, ‘HyunA-ing,’ and in it, you can find little cute hidden moments between the two lovebirds. And though we can’t decide which video gave us the most butterflies, the ones where DAWN is cooking for her, and she is just swooning over him, along with the one where she gives him a haircut for the first time, are very high on the list. There’s probably not a single video where they aren’t giving each other heart eyes.

“Marry Me?” “Yes!”

We are absolutely obsessed with HyunA and DAWN’s Instagrams. Their constantly posting pictures of either them together or just solo photos of each other. And the pictures are so freaking cute. We can’t help but cry every time we see the notification they posted.

And most recently…

Did we see this coming? No! But it’s all we could’ve ever hoped for, for the couple. We honestly have so much envy for them, you can see the love they have for each other, and the way they talk about the other makes us wanna scream, “When is it our turn?!” They have the same unique personalities, the way they both shine when they’re together, and the talent they both hold makes them the perfect, power couple. There has been no other couple like HyunA and DAWN, specifically in K-POP. They’ve changed the game and opened possible new doors for idols. Since the news dropped, we couldn’t stop crying for them, and we don’t think we will ever stop.

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We know there are a lot of other super cute HyunA and Dawn moments, but if we included them all, we would be here all day. But, what was your fave, heart fluttering, HyunA, and Dawn moment? Let us know in the comments down below, or on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, and don’t forget to talk to us on Facebook and Instagram!

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