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Mark Lets It All Out In ‘Child’

Mark Lets It All Out In ‘Child’

Mark Lee has arrived, y’all, and we can’t be any more excited about it. ‘Child’ is Mark’s solo debut for SM STATION, which is also the first piece of a new NCT music archiving project, “NCT LAB.” This new series will feature solo releases, various self-composed songs, and unique unit collaborations from members of NCT. And as you can imagine, we got a great start, thanks to our talented Mark.

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Mark Child
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We admit, we teared up a little bit. But you can’t blame us. ‘Child’ is a powerful and emotional song that details the mindset and pressure of a child with unrealistic expectations. Furthermore, it can be described as an ode to stolen youth.

Check out the official MV and listen to the song on your choice of the platform here.

Without a doubt, Mark is known for his exceptional rapping, but this release displayed a different side to him. A sentimental side that fans don’t really get to see, and we can’t appreciate it enough. Although Mark is very talented and has accomplished so much, it’s very easy to forget that he is still young. Moreover, having to juggle the responsibilities between various units and comebacks, it’s refreshing to hear his take on these responsibilities.

“’Child’ is a song that was made quite long ago, yeah. It isn’t one of my recent projects or anything. It was a song that […] was in our archives. And it just happened to be ‘Child’ for this coming STATION.”

Mark Lee on ‘Child’

Lyrical Content

From the moment his highly anticipated debut was announced, NCTzens couldn’t help themselves from expressing their shock and excitement while trying to figure out what the track would sound like. Mark’s solo debut was written and composed by him, and after seeing the lyrics, we can’t help but appreciate his artistry even more. “I’m a child, I can’t be the person you want. Have a good night. No need for a lullaby,” Mark says in the song, and that verse captivated us beyond belief because it sums up the message of the song perfectly.

‘Child’ is the message that everyone needs to hear, and it’s incredibly touching for him to feel comfortable enough to share this with us. Furthermore, this vulnerability is not only conveyed in the lyrics but in the visuals as well. In addition, Mark’s emotions can be felt by the audience visually as the entire video gives off a sentimental feel to match.

Fan Reactions

Understandably, NCTzens couldn’t have been any prouder to praise Mark for this solo debut. For example, fans were able to draw similarities between this video and a part of NCT Dream’s ‘We Go Up’ MV.

In particular, The lyrical content stood out to many fans as they couldn’t stop emphasizing how sentimental the lyrics are.

Ultimately, this solo debut brings deep emotions for many as we’re witnessing the growth of Mark Lee.

We will never be able to recover from Mark’s ‘Child,’ it is obvious. What about you? Let us know how much you’re loving ‘Child’ by dropping a comment below, tweeting us @TheHoneyPop, or messaging on our Instagram and Facebook.

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