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6 keshi Songs You Need In Your Playlist

6 keshi Songs You Need In Your Playlist

Multi-talented artist keshi (Casey Luong) is gearing up for his debut studio album Gabriel! And we at THP have been waiting for a chance to show him off to our readers. His discography of lo-fi and R&B songs fits our music taste perfectly!

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keshi most recently appeared on ‘War With Heaven,’ a track from 88rising‘s Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings: The Album. That song was one of the first songs we heard by the incredible keshi, and we’ve been a fan ever since.

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Image Source: keshi via Twitter

Here are six keshi songs you need to add to your playlist! Believe us, you’ll be glad you did.


‘TOUCH’ is the second song to be previewed from keshi’s upcoming album Gabriel, and keshi has just released the official music video for it. He sings about a passionate relationship that feels wrong, but it somehow feels just right. You both hesitate and feel confused at times, but the love is definitely there. The track was revealed on keshi’s TikTok last year, and we first heard it from one of his ads. You better believe we stayed and listened to the whole sound because it’s that good!


Keshi’s ‘SOMEBODY’ is another pre-released track from Gabriel, and it was also revealed on TikTok last year. ‘SOMEBODY’ is a bold song about taking your relationship with someone to another level of intimacy. His smooth, sensual vocals and calming guitar instrumentals are more than enough to make us melt. If keshi’s debut album is anything like his pre-released singles, we’re ready to fall in love with him again and again!


Literally, every time keshi sings, we fall under a spell. And ‘always,’ a song from his fourth EP of the same name, is no exception. We love that the music video shows keshi playing different instruments and recording in the studio. And the guitar solo really does it for us! This track is about taking someone for granted and not realizing that they could leave your life at any moment. You think that you’ll always get a chance to start over until you don’t.

‘right here’

Chills. keshi’s song ‘right here’ from his third EP Bandaids gets us every time. We can so relate to caring about someone long after our relationship with them ends. It doesn’t matter how much time has passed or how badly it ended, we’ll be here. Even when either of you moves on or finds new people to be around, you can’t help but care. We don’t know exactly what keshi’s been through in his love life, but his lyrics comfort us in ways we didn’t know were possible.


If you’ve had a summer fling or a fleeting romance, ‘summer’ from keshi’s second EP Skeletons is the perfect song for you. The delivery of his lyrics in this track is everything! keshi talks about everything we think about summer, especially the brevity of it. In a season when you have more downtime than normal, everything feels like it comes and goes so quickly. So you don’t want to fall in love because all of that will end when summer does.

‘2 soon’

‘2 soon,’ a song from keshi’s first EP The Reaper, is another must-have in your playlist. This song is about the aftermath of a breakup, and keshi describes all the unhealthy, impulsive things you would do to fill the void. Drinking too much, hooking up with others, and constantly calling your ex-lover are some of those. keshi’s dreamy vocals kill it every time, and his music has slapped long before the rise of his career.

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Imagine this… You have a day off, and you’re chilling in bed. You’re listening to keshi’s songs, and life slows down for a while. You feel peaceful for the first time in a long time. That’s how keshi makes us feel. Something about his music is so satisfying to listen to, and it just scratches the right part of our brains.

Which of keshi’s songs do you like best? Tell us on Twitter! You can also check us out on Facebook and Instagram.

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