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New Music Weekly: Chelsea Cutler And More!

New Music Weekly: Chelsea Cutler And More!

It’s our favorite time of the week again! We are back and better than ever with one hell of a lineup for new music weekly! We’ve got Chelsea Cutler, Brynn Elliott, J Balvin, and many, many more! Let’s jump in!

Caroline Romano – ‘Panic Attack’

We are kicking off this week’s new music weekly with a bang! Caroline Romano has announced her debut album, Oddities and Prodigies, which will grace our speakers on February 25th! And thank god, because after ‘Panic Attack’ we can’t get enough of Caroline’s music! So many of us deal with the constant battling of self that Caroline sings about in this track, so this is a song that is going to stick with us.

Stream ‘Panic Attack’ here!

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Alix Page – Old News

We’ve got a debut EP for you guys! We always get so excited about debut projects – it’s such a big deal for the artists and our first real taste of who they are in terms of more than just a single. Old News is composed of four tracks, with our favorite being ‘June Gloom.’ We have a feeling that Alix Page is a name you’re going to be hearing for a very long time.

Stream Old News here!

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Hyo3 – Show You Up

If you’re looking for a new R&B/Hip-Hop artist to add to your playlist rotation look no further than Hyo3! Hyo3 has just released Show You Up, the six-track EP with so many incredible tracks, including our favorite of the bunch, ’Selfish.’ We can’t wait to see what else is in store for Hyo3 in 2022!

Stream Show You Up here!

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Topic x Robin Schulz x Nico Santos x Paul van Dyk – ‘In Your Arms (For An Angel)’

Talk about a lineup! Of course ‘In Your Arms (For An Angel)’ is a smash, just look at the talent behind the track! ‘For An Angel’ was originally a Paul Van Dyk track that has now been reimagined, and we couldn’t be more into it! If you need us, we will be at a club somewhere letting this song completely take over our bodies as we dance the night away.

Stream ‘In Your Arms (For An Angel)’ here!

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kind. – ‘Fall’

It’s official, we are obsessed with kind.. The band came together during this crazy time we’re in after different projects members were a part of, weren’t able to survive the toll the pandemic has taken on the music industry. ‘Fall’ is kind.’s second single and is instantly captivating. If you’re a fan of groups along the lines of The Band Camino, or if you just love feel-good pop-rock, you’re going to be on board.

Stream ‘Fall’ here!

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NEIKED x Mae Muller x J Balvin – ‘Better Days’ Remix Ft. Polo G

Better Days’ has been on repeat since Mae Muller first released the track last year. Every single aspect of the song is genius, from the collaborations to the ability the track has to instantly put you in a better mood. And then Mae went and added J Balvin to the mix? It doesn’t get much better than that!

Stream ‘Better Days‘ (Remix) here!

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Lola Young – ‘So Sorry’

Lola Young is going to have an explosive 2022, so now is the time to jump on board and discover her excellence. Lola has mastered the art of honesty in her lyrics, and that is abundantly clear in ‘So Sorry.’ Anyone who listens to this track is going to see bits of themself in it, allowing the listener to make that instant connection.

We all feel insecure at times, and we all feel too proud to admit when we’re wrong. Lola Young, however, happens to be able to write beautiful songs about it, every time.

Stream ‘So Sorry’ here!

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Nija – Don’t Say I Didn’t Warn You

This week on New Music Weekly, we’ve got a debut solo project! Branching out on her own and showing the voice behind all the incredible words Nija has penned, is a complete power move! And of course, it paid off! Don’t Say I Didn’t Warn You is a masterpiece! After listening to all ten tracks, ‘Beautiful Lies’ has to be our shining star.

Stream Don‘t Say I Didn’t Warn You here!

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Em Beihold – ‘Numb Little Bug’

We have known ever since we first heard ‘Numb Little Bug’ on TikTok that the moment it came out, we were not going to be able to turn it off! And, boy, were we right! Em Beihold is one of the artists we know we’re not going to stop hearing about this year. She’s writing the exact kind of music we want to hear.

Stream ‘Numb Little Bug’ here!

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bülow – ‘Don’t Break His Heart’

Everything bülow touches is pure gold, so it’s no surprise that ‘Don’t Break His Heart’ has us in a chokehold. This track is the perfect song to release right before hitting the road with Conan Gray, and we know the crowd is going to fall completely in love with it just as we have.

I let my curiosity lead me and ended up getting way too deep with somebody I didn’t have business going deep with. I tend to go with the flow if it feels good and sometimes it gets me in trouble. It’s weird sometimes I don’t understand my emotions entirely, but that’s why I wrote this song.

bülow on ‘Don’t Break His Heart’

Stream ‘Don’t Break His Heart’ here!

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Chelsea Cutler – ‘the lifeboat’s empty!’

Chelsea Cutler is an artist that only comes once in a lifetime. From her incredibly calming, beautiful voice, to her relationship with her pen, we are just constantly blown away. ‘the lifeboat’s empty’ shows what an A-tier songwriter Chelsea Cutler is, and this might just be one of our favorite songs she’s released thus far.

We can’t wait to catch Chelsea Cutler on tour!

Stream ‘the lifeboat’s empty!’ here!

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LLusion & UPSAHL – ‘After The Tone’

Having UPSAHL as a feature is a sure way to take any track to the next level! And then you have LLusion who is the king of remixes and constantly has us watching his TikTok’s on a loop, so it’s no surprise that we are equally as obsessed with his work off the app.

Stream ‘After The Tone’ here!

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Cloe Wilder – ‘We’re Not Special’

‘We’re Not Special’ is a song you’re going to want to spend hours just vibing to. The track feels so moody in the most perfect way, while still feeling serene. Our sense of importance and feeling like everyone is judging us at every moment is challenged in this track, and we want more of this concept in songs. It’s an important reminder of how similar we all are.

Stream ‘We’re Not Special’ here!

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Brynn Elliott – ‘Terrified’

Brynn Elliott doesn’t miss, it’s that simple. Her vulnerability and relatability are something that makes it so easy to attach yourself to her and her music. ‘Terrified’ really takes you through those emotions we all are fighting when we start seeing someone new. Somehow, Brynn puts those emotions into words so beautifully in a way we never could.

I wrote this song about new love and all the complex emotions that accompany that experience.

Brynn Elliott on ‘Terrified’

Stream ‘Terrified’ here!

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Victoria Alex – ‘Screaming’

Here on New Music Weekly, we will always gush over pop-punk artists! And not only do we gush about pop-punk artists, but you guys know how we feel about a debut single! ‘Screaming’ is exactly what we’re doing after hearing how incredible this first taste of Victoria Alex’s artistry is. ‘Screaming’ is quite honestly an anthem, and the perfect debut single.

Stream ‘Screaming’ here!

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Samica – ‘Summer of ‘99’

We are Samica stans here at THP! We have to admit, we’ve had ‘Summer of ‘99’ on a loop since our first listen. The lyrics are written in a way that everyone can see their emotions so clearly represented. This is just the beginning for Samica, we’re going to be seeing her all over the place!

Stream ‘Summer of ‘99’ here!

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We would love to hear from you! What is your favorite track off this week’s new music weekly? Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!

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