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6 Calum Scott Songs That Will Never Leave Our Minds

6 Calum Scott Songs That Will Never Leave Our Minds

Calum Scott

Calum Scott, a beloved British singer-songwriter who’s been making us bop for years, has unveiled a poignant new song, ‘If You Ever Change Your Mind,’ bringing his music trajectory up a notch. With this new smash hit being born, we are getting closer to his highly-anticipated sophomore album, slated to release later this year!

‘If You Ever Change Your Mind’ examines the dilemma of letting go or going back, but the outcome is brilliant enough that we keep playing it over and over. Calum is known for his evocative, introspective music that always lifts our spirits and stirs our hearts. From heart-rendingly soulful songs, go-to self-empowering anthems, and bittersweet ballads that will rip your heart apart, there’s no denying his authenticity.

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To celebrate his release, we narrowed down six of our beloved, timeless tracks by Calum Scott that wash us over with a new wave of emotions and leave us in awe every time we listen to them!

‘If You Ever Change Your Mind’

“I pulled away ’cause the pain’s too strong
And you were saying that we don’t belong”

With ‘If You Ever Change Your Mind,’ Calum Scott explores a heartbreaking, turbulent relationship, rendering a poignant and elegiac reflection while retaining a sense of optimism. The track is a masterful display of lush eloquence and charisma as Calum opens the song with his soulful, mellifluous vocals. They seamlessly flow and weave into dreamy, ethereal piano chords that pierce through our soul. His deep introspection echoes with pulsating rhythms as he ponders the ruptured relationship. His emotions are conflicting as they fluctuate between expressing regret for what is gone and gaining a fresh perspective on what remains while recognizing his self-worth and newfound admiration for life.

Even though it comes from Calum’s personal space, the song speaks volumes and would resonate with anyone who has experienced something similar during their heartbreak. The song captures the inextricable tension and constant tug-of-war with our tangled emotions, between the endless love and affection for the person and the newfound self-confidence and self-worth we regain in the wake of heartbreak. The accompanying music video wowed our hearts with its captivating, cinematic appeal, portraying the story of two estranged lovers caught in a struggle and going through emotional upheaval while holding a thread, with longing and boiling emotions at the forefront.


‘Cause I’ve got my best suit on and I’m ready
I’ve got my sleeves rolled up and I’ll be on my way

If you have been questioning your dreams or holding yourself back from following your heart, Calum’s ‘Rise‘ will end all your doubts, giving you the drive to rise and shine. This song is a triumphant anthem that empowers you, embracing the themes of determination, perseverance, beating the odds, and success. We feel elated and exhilarated from the moment we press play! As our hearts tug, it feels like the warmth and comfort we long for when life gets tough, and our efforts seem inadequate, leaving us to wonder what choices brought us to where we are today.

“I’ve been staring at the coastline/ Thinking of every choice I’ve made,” Scott croons in his effervescent voice. “And I’ve been hiding in the shadows, Wondering if I’m on the right road/ Someplace I’ve never been/ Is this how it all begins?” The song shatters the molds of resentment and self-loathing and evokes excitement and pleasure through its lush piano chord progressions, majestic harmonies, driving beats, and of course, enchanting and magnificent vocals. Both sonically and lyrically, the verses explore the grim and gloomy aspects of life, culminating in a chorus proclaiming, “Keep going because there will be a light at the end of the tunnel.”

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So won’t you give me tonight/ And the rest of your life?
I wanna have it all with you
And when you open your eyes/ I’ll be there by your side

I wanna have it all with you/ ‘Cause your love is biblical

“I slip and wonder who I’d be/ If I never found you and you never found me/ Well, I don’t wanna see, these are the words we would tell someone we love truly, madly, deeply, and unconditionally and wouldn’t want to be without them for the rest of our lives. ‘Biblical’ has soulful minimalism that gives the song its distinctive beauty. As Calum described it earlier, “It is about unquantifiable love, a love beyond description or measure, a love of biblical proportions that transcends everyone and everything.” We definitely agree with him since the song portrays extraordinary, unfathomable love, and finding and experiencing such love that seems no bounds is utterly surreal.

His upcoming sophomore album will feature this captivating, piano-laden poignant ballad and really sets the tone for the album. Calum’s soulful music is beloved worldwide, and this song injects depth, complexity, rawness, honesty, and vulnerability seamlessly weaved into his work. Anyone who has lived through these endless, unconditional feelings and has yearned for true love will find this song profoundly moving and inspiring.

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‘You Are The Reason’

“I’d climb every mountain/ And swim every ocean
Just to be with you/ And fix what I’ve broken
Oh, ’cause I need you to see/ That you are the reason”

There goes our heart beating because you are the reason, Calum Scott! ‘You Are The Reason’ massively underscores just how much we love him and his tremendous artistry. It has undeniably crossed the paths of millions and strummed their heartstrings, and we are willing to bet that someone, somewhere in the world, is dedicating this song to their beloved as we write this. With duet versions and countless renditions, the essence of this song has touched our hearts profoundly as we hum the lyrics and jam along.

However, if you think this song is all sunshine, sparkles, and endless declarations of love, then you are wrong. It stems from the anxiety one feels when going through a rough patch in a relationship, not knowing why. But as they realize that no relationship is perfect and every romance has its highs and lows, they must stick to it as their love overrides everything else. And now, he is willing to climb every mountain and swim every ocean to be with his love and to mend what he messed up. When it means going the extra mile, they are willing to do it because it’s worth everything.

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‘Dancing On My Own’

“I’m in the corner, watching you kiss her
I’m right over here, why can’t you see me?
And I’m giving it my all, I’m not the guy you’re taking home,
I keep dancing on my own.”

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Heavily adorned with captivating vocals, ‘Dancing On My Own’ is an ode to loneliness and is regarded as the “ultimate sad banger” you might even dance along to. No, we aren’t kidding, and we will keep you company while dancing on our own under the moonlight!

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Swedish songstress Robyn originally wrote the song in 2010. Later, Calum delivered a magnificent, spellbinding rendition that became an instant hit and is still loved today. His version is considerably slower and more acoustic, which brings out the raw emotions in the lyrics and moves us deeply. The song explores the singer’s perspectives about someone’s choices and feelings for someone new while the singer feels anguish, despair, and loneliness… dancing on his own. Our senses are mesmerized by what Calum does to us. His vocals are so evocative and hauntingly intense, feeling as if it’s coming straight from the heart and reaching ours, letting us perceive the melancholy, envision it, and lose ourselves in it. 

‘No Matter What’

“I love you no matter what/ I just want you to be happy & always be who you are.”
“Don’t try to be what you’re not/ ‘Cause I love you no matter what.”

She loves me no matter what.”

‘No Matter What’ is without a doubt one of Calum’s most personal songs; it’s the story of his coming out experience and accepting himself. The song explores loneliness and acceptance, but extends beyond sexual identity, as it also embraces a parent-child relationship showcasing beautiful support. He has executed it exceptionally well, and the lyrics are a testament to his prolific songwriting. As a listener, you’d be able to appreciate how perfectly he has crafted his words, so pure, and speak from the heart, and we move to tears every time.

Which lyric from ‘If You Ever Change Your Mind’ is your favorite? Which is your all-time favorite song by Calum Scott? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPop! We’re also on Facebook and Instagram!

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